**Updated 5/17** ONE thread about performing and application of the RSF/Punch Loop

my all time record is 7. I actually dont think its easier in the corner but thats just me.

Im averaging 4 80% of the time. getting 5 50% and 6 7%

It’s less about when you cancel into run, more about your timing with the LP~HP. The closer you get while still comboing LP~HP on the second fierce is what determines how many more fierces you can get in the combo. The first recoil animation from the s.hp is different than the rest, so where the second one connects is what’s really important. I’ve never canceled into run too slow or anything, I think there’s only a small window that is cancelable with the s.hp anyway.

It is NOT fast enough to double tap, at all. There’s a lot of time between the two lp button presses, actually. Like the other guy said, the fast double tap you’re hearing is lp~hp. 1 2… 3~4, 1 2… 3~4 is hp, lp… lp~hp without the joystick inputs. No double tapping needed. Just start with s.hp, run, stop~s.hp. Don’t try to get rep after rep when first starting - learn the timing for two fierces and go from there.

I have to reiterate what I said elsewhere on All Is Fighter in my post “Blood Sweat and Tiers” http://allisfighter.com/news/newspost.aspx?id=404

Basically if you’re unwilling to learn the RSF you should be happy with losing. It’s the only tool Fuerte has to instill that fear, and do the damage he so sorely needs. Unfortunately landing the close fierce is easier said than done against some characters ( that scrub cocksucker queermo Ken for example, anything he does is basically safe against RSF)

As far as what Machinima said, I know that it’s tough to get the timing down because I AM an ST player. I play Honda and I don’t use any combos, and its enough to win even against strong players. So for me the RSF was and still is a bitch.

I worked on it for a couple weeks for 3 or more hrs a day, but the thing is it feels really nice to have it down. I KNOW I will need it against the Japanese players I play locally, cause they aren’t gonna miss their combos.

Yeah, I should follow up that after a few more tests, it doesn’t really matter when you QCF P for the run, Fuerte seems to start the run at the same time anyway. I’m still getting crouching attacks like 95% of the time. I don’t know how I’ll be able to break that habit. :sad:

It also seems really easy to get 2 hits, but pretty tough to get 3. Hopefully I’ll have a breakthrough soon. I want to strike fear into my opponents’ hearts.

How consistent do you find yourself now? Can you reliably RSF on command in a match after a focus, or after a whiffed DP or something? How many loops do you do on average? I just want some light at the end of the tunnel for aspiring RSFers. :sweat:

Yup. The only DP I can’t react to is Ken because he recovers way too fast on everything. I know the EX one is punishable, but when playing against Ken scrubs they whiff the HP version or lower and just do another DP before the fierce comes out.

I am a little out of practice, but in match I can hit 3 fierces and a slide pretty reliably, I am not so sure about trying more than that UNLESS it’s off a focus or a dizzy (or against Gief/Abel/Rufus/Honda as he’s big) maybe off a very deep crossup elbow. I have a lot to work on in terms of cancelling normals to the run and doing a splash or grab (blocked close hp or low forward for example)

3 and a slide is pretty good, especially if you get the Macho Elbow to start it… thats your five hits, do a follow up on wakeup and get the dizzy. In theory it would be better to have 4+ hits and a slide every time, but in practice it’s only really viable after dizzy or focus… you can’t exactly get the opponent right where you want them, but when you do I fully believe you should be able to do 4 fierces at least.

Yep. I do 3-4, never more than that. Whether I go for 3 or 4 depends on how close the opponent is to being stunned. I hate stunning someone with a 5 hit rsf since the stun is wasted completely due to scaling.

PROTIP: If you do happen to accidentally stun someone with a high hit RSF and know that whatever you do to them won’t do shit for damage, sometimes it is best to to a reset. Do a LV3 focus attack on them when dizzy, but do it slow enough to give them time to mash out. You can reset the damage if you do the unblockable focus right when they mash out of the dizzy and since they are mashing buttons they won’t be able to do much. This is a little dangerous if they are mashing ultra to mash out but then you can just cancel and block and reset the damage there. Better option than doing a combo on the stunned person that does 75 damage imo.

When I dizzy them during RSF, I sometimes try to finish them off with it again. When combined with a battle cry, success or fail, it’s so righteous. “I WILL RE-DIZZY YOU AGAIN.” Fuerte is fuhn.

But listen to halcyon…that is a good tip, mang.

When (other than after a FA) whould i use?

i am still working on my execution of the RSF, but that is only a matter of time; my question is: when, other than after a FA or during a stun is a good time to try to hit with the RSF?

If they whiff an uppercut, or something like that, obviously. The least obvious would be some of the forced standing tricks you can use, I have a post about that in the section. If you hit with the fierce meaty as the person is rising, they will automatically be forced into their standing reel animation for rsf.

any tips on implementing RSF in game for beginers?

Thanks Colin, and yes; i have read a lot of the suggestions here in the thread, but i am wondering if there are any other simple ways to begin using the RSF in live games that don’t force me to spend the whole match trying to set up one combo?

i can do the RSF in training (4 or more without trouble), on a standing opponent , but having my opponent move, even an easy (or easiest) cpu creates all kinds of problems for me. when i hit with the FA i panic (or get too excited and i miss my little opportunity)

i know this will come with more practice, but i am looking for other options (again for a beginer) to allow me to focus less on landing a FA and then the RSF and more about working the RSF in naturally.

any ideas?

here’s my stupid question of the day: can someone tell me they can pull it off CONSISTENTLY on a 360 craptastic controller and if u can tell me your button scheme, or even better show a vid of your fingers

I have a joystick so for those of you that do to, what method do you use to perform the rsf? piano all the punch buttons or Fierce jab jab Fierce. when i use the latter i can get two hits off easy but when i piano i might do 2 hits and then i grab(not propeller throw the other one) any advice?

I could do RSF on a pad with X as lp and Y are hp… I think. Playing with index and middle fingers thought not a thumb

I can get 2 hits on my madcatz fight pad if I use MP as the run… Or if I swap my MP to LP … I can’t even get 2 hits on the stick… though I’m not great with any QCF chars on a stick. I fail :frowning:

It’s not a fast enough motion to warrant trying a piano method.

s.hp, qcf+lp, … lp~hp(qcf+lp, etc.)

If you piano the buttons you’re gonna get tostada splash or s.mp or something.

Just start with two fierces - s.hp, qcf+lp, lp~hp. Once you can get that to combo, try to do two fierces into a slide. But really, the hard part is learning the timing of the first two fierces. Don’t worry about starting with a whole loop set, you know?

well, i have the 360 pad and having a hard tme doing it. Since im not very familiar with the terminology i dont even know if im doing it right :stuck_out_tongue: i run, cancel the run and hit a fierce punch and repeat, is there something else to it?

Thank you sir for the advice. I’m getting the first two hits pretty reliably but after that i cancel the run to early that the hp whiffs…maybe i shoud rep two and slide for the moment and keep practicing. Now that the “piano” method is out i’ll focus on one technique

It’s alot harder online than off, also. I can do 5-6 reps offline 100%, online I just do 3 and I will occasionally mess up. The way that my button presses are like 5 or 6 frames behind what I am seeing on the screen screws my ability to gauge distance during the combo a lot.

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but is it worth it to try to learn RSF if I use pad? I read it’s harder to do, but I never read about someone who does it consistantly on pad…

Am I wasting my time? (though I do tend to give up quickly)

Someone just stuck a nice tutorial on a 360 pad and it seems to get a 3 or 4 string out consistently.

But I honestly think its harder to do on a MadCatz pad when using his technique because of the button size. He slides his fingers in the video.