**Updated 5/17** ONE thread about performing and application of the RSF/Punch Loop

you’re probably canceling the run.

I think I’m doing it too fast or what you say.

Also I found out that Dan is incredibly hard to loop after the focus. Even if I dashed immediately his crumple animation seems to fall out of range immediately.

The Habanero Run works. Its hard to explain but right after you connect the FA then dash in on Dan. You have to start with the Habanero Run instead of HP to begin the RSF. Its a little different, but it works.

Question…that’s probably been asked ad nauseum (sp)…I’m trying to do the fifth trial. So, it’s fierce, cancel into dash…(then pause so he runs up close to him) then quickly hit jab, fierce…then repeat?

^ yeah. It sounds so easy when you put it like that! But execution is a bitch.

It takes time but it’s not hard to get 3-4 fierces once you get the timing down. Watch the vids of that guys hands. Read Oliver Lin’s posts, it will save you a lot of time.

yh as grits and gravy mentioned when your fingers muscle memorise the infinite believe it or not its not that hard. anyway shout outs to gritsandgravy also as his website encouraged me to learn it now i can constantly get 5reps into slide. i hope all fuerte players learn this, keep practicing! :slight_smile:

can anyone link oliver lins post…and grits and gravy…also what is the learning curve i know its person based but how long on average should this combo take for a decent player?

There’s a difference between a decent player and someone with a lot of technical skill. A shitty SF player that is beast at Marvel vs Capcom 2 could pull it off no sweat. Someone more used to simple games like Super Turbo are gonna have problems. I used to play a lot of Guilty Gear so I went into training mode and had the combo down pretty well after playing around in training mode for an hour or two, and not just practicing it, but playing with him in general and his movelist.

So, if you’re good with a stick, one night of practicing in training mode will get you it, if not, it’s gonna take longer. I could do RSF before I could even properly space a tostada press… Maybe not the best way to start, but hey. It works now.

Just start with two fierces into slide, move up from there.

I got 5 reps once in training the other day against Abel (supposedly the easiest character to practice it on). Felt pretty good, but I find I’m more consistent at it if I look at my hands when I do it. Otherwise, I invariably get a crouching fierce after like 2 loops. I dunno, I guess I’m starting the QCF for the run too fast. When I look at my hands, I’m able to force myself to delay inputting the QCF, but not when I’m looking at the screen.

More practice is needed, I guess.

Would people say the speed at which you cancel the run is important (that is, when you cancel the fierce into run)? Or is learning the timing on the LP ~ HP? I wonder if I’m actually learning it in a way that isn’t really sustainable because I’m not canceling into the run fast enough, but it tends to work by fluke sometimes. I don’t want to train my muscle memory to do something bad. So, does it kind of matter when you cancel the run (on the first active frame), or as long as you cancel the fierce into a run somehow, you’ll be okay?

yh same when i started off when i looked at my hands rather than at the screen i could get more reps in but now it becomes natural and u can look at the screen while doing it. in the street fighter podcast kai said it was easiest to do it on abel and hardest to do it on rufus and blanka. rsf isnt hard on blanka it is on rufus but abel is definetly a good character to practice your RSF on

oh yh and its when you cancel the run into fierce which needs to be quick this is important

For me, the RSF is more or less important right now. I still need to get use to El Fuerte’s c.lk/standing lp links into Dash+p combos before I decide to do the RSF. The RSF is nice because even if you screw it up, you still have a dash+hp you can pull off. And lots of times, it catches an opponent off guard. Has been working for me when I’ve been practicing the RSF in actual matches.

Isn’t Ryu the best char to practise RSF on, seeing as how he has some kind of hitstun hax?

Yeah thanks for the info, I do actually think that ryu and ken are good to practice on…they def show the max amount of frames and time you can wait for the second hit…or any hit for that matter ive been getting 3 consistantly 4 a few times…im guessing my inputs are pretty bad going on day 5 almost 2 hours a day for this combo…

Ok so for you guys using sticks. Are you guys doing the rolling of middle and index finger method?

What i mean is, qcf + lp , lp. Are you guys doing this by pushing lp twice with the same finger but tapped twice or are you guys doing the rolling two finger tap method so its one motion providing two taps (i hope i am making sense here)

When looking at videos and listening to the sounds the buttons make it seems more like the two finger double tap method i mention.

Whats easier?


The sound you hear is LP, HP quickly after eachother.

my all time record is 7. I actually dont think its easier in the corner but thats just me.

Im averaging 4 80% of the time. getting 5 50% and 6 7%

It’s less about when you cancel into run, more about your timing with the LP~HP. The closer you get while still comboing LP~HP on the second fierce is what determines how many more fierces you can get in the combo. The first recoil animation from the s.hp is different than the rest, so where the second one connects is what’s really important. I’ve never canceled into run too slow or anything, I think there’s only a small window that is cancelable with the s.hp anyway.

It is NOT fast enough to double tap, at all. There’s a lot of time between the two lp button presses, actually. Like the other guy said, the fast double tap you’re hearing is lp~hp. 1 2… 3~4, 1 2… 3~4 is hp, lp… lp~hp without the joystick inputs. No double tapping needed. Just start with s.hp, run, stop~s.hp. Don’t try to get rep after rep when first starting - learn the timing for two fierces and go from there.

I have to reiterate what I said elsewhere on All Is Fighter in my post “Blood Sweat and Tiers” http://allisfighter.com/news/newspost.aspx?id=404

Basically if you’re unwilling to learn the RSF you should be happy with losing. It’s the only tool Fuerte has to instill that fear, and do the damage he so sorely needs. Unfortunately landing the close fierce is easier said than done against some characters ( that scrub cocksucker queermo Ken for example, anything he does is basically safe against RSF)

As far as what Machinima said, I know that it’s tough to get the timing down because I AM an ST player. I play Honda and I don’t use any combos, and its enough to win even against strong players. So for me the RSF was and still is a bitch.

I worked on it for a couple weeks for 3 or more hrs a day, but the thing is it feels really nice to have it down. I KNOW I will need it against the Japanese players I play locally, cause they aren’t gonna miss their combos.

Yeah, I should follow up that after a few more tests, it doesn’t really matter when you QCF P for the run, Fuerte seems to start the run at the same time anyway. I’m still getting crouching attacks like 95% of the time. I don’t know how I’ll be able to break that habit. :sad:

It also seems really easy to get 2 hits, but pretty tough to get 3. Hopefully I’ll have a breakthrough soon. I want to strike fear into my opponents’ hearts.

How consistent do you find yourself now? Can you reliably RSF on command in a match after a focus, or after a whiffed DP or something? How many loops do you do on average? I just want some light at the end of the tunnel for aspiring RSFers. :sweat: