**Updated 5/17** ONE thread about performing and application of the RSF/Punch Loop

I mentioned this in the general discussion thread, but has anyone else ( i do this most of the time) tried doing the RSF with the following method:

S.FP(hold FP)> QCF + (release FP)> LP > S.FP rinse repeat…

Basically using the “preservation of button press” to cause the run to happen.


EDIT: Just found out the above method is called Negative Edge!

You sound so peachy and optimistic.

OMFG First time ive ever done more than 2 hits on RSF…got it up to 4!. How did i do it?! Well for one this thread plus also this post : http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6358139&postcount=560

The other thing that helped me? actually wiring up my Happ parts into a shoebox! Yes, a freaking shoebox (testing for button placement, wood box will be built shortly).

And voila, that thread + vid really helps explain the rythym and timing, though on the controller i was still only able to get 2 but was able to link the slide into it.

Time to master it!

So I’ve been practicing on the controller… I honestly never thought I’d even get two hits… but I’ve put some good time behind it and got 2 hits on my Madcatz controller about 90% of the time…

The problem though is that I’m either too far for the 3rd hit… or I’m too slow and Dan blocks… OR… I Fajita Buster :frowning:

Sigh! Tough stuff…

My update!

I finally got the hard trial done this morning. I decided to get on and just try it out and was getting really close within the first few tries. Then after about 5 mins I got it!

I got my damn Icon and Title now!

Then I thought it was a fluke so I went back and I got it again (took only 3 mins)

Just gotta keep practicing now. I’m using the Madcatz Controller. I didnt change any button layout but I’m htiting the buttons with multiple fingers.

I can do two hits never three, I even tried to use my TE turbo for LP to try to make the dash cancel faster but that created to much space for the 3rd fierce to hit, back to the drawing boards after reading this thread.

watch and re-watch the vid of the guy doing the timing over and over. get that stuck in your head, it will come.

Also for kicks, try not looking at the screen and just at the stick/buttons and just do the motion/rythym.
Those really helped me, though in a real game (online) i can’t RSF for shit.

I’ll start by saying I’m a lousy Fuerte player, so keep that in mind.

Regarding the timing, which is described as “galloping,” and onomatopoeically as “TANtataTANtataTANtataTAN,” I’m assuming that the “TAN” is the jab starting the run, the first “ta” is the jab ending the run, and the second “ta” is the punch. So is the brief pause after the run start-up the only pause in the sequence? I’d guess so, but even knowing what I do know of the character, I’ve been unable to perform this remotely consistently. I’ve watched the video on the timing, but it’s hard for me to apply that sort of visual cue to my own fingers, rather than reasoning it out, so help is appreciated.

fp qcf jab pause jab~fp qcf jab pause jab~fp qcf jab pause jab~fp qcf jab etc

dum dum dadum dum dadum dum dadum dum

Anybody try putting it in auto block after the first hit. That defenitly helps out alot and I got the suggestion from kenshiro13 on SRK. Give it a shot because it worked for 2 people on SRK why not you?!

Um… Anytime you’re practicing a combo, you should be putting it on auto block… I don’t see how this helps executing a combo.

Yeah I never used to do that and ever since then I started doing it I have been doing better. I used to play smash so give me a break.:bluu:

I saw the first post go over some stun info, and i see the frame data also includes stun data… Could I get a reply with some more general stun info? I’ve just started using fuerte’s rsf combo, and have had a few times online where I get 3 or 4 reps and they are stunned… I figure, for the practice of it, I just focus crumple and rsf more for the training…

But I’m guessing it’s stunning them early because of other moves… I’ve never really understood how the stun works because I’ve never worked it in to my game… So this info would be greatly appreciated.

Also - I use the ps3 pad, and I honestly don’t see why it would be too difficult to rsf on it. I use x as my lp and r1 as my hp, this gives me a pretty easy lp ~ hp. The only trouble I have is the direction input, I still get times where I have down held accidentally giving me a cr.hp instead of cl.hp. For fight pads, with the 6 buttons on the face layout… I see that as a problem though… Unless you’ve got shoulder buttons, in which case, back in biz.

I guess someone else is just sliding their thumb from lp to hp. I’ve noticed that, while people say you have to lp ~ hp very quickly, even in the lp ~ hp there is a pause. This combo is not tough because of the speed of input, it’s the timing of input. I think you would prolly find good luck using the slide from lp ~ hp. Just practice it on single run stop fierce until you get the timing right, then throw it in to the combo.

I used my fight pad like an arcade stick… put multiple fingers on the face button and was able to do it.

after practicing on and off for about 2 weeks, i just got over the 2 hit hump and started landing 3-4 hitters. the muscle memory is in, but still trying to get it consistent.

what helped me a lot was getting two hits in consistantly, then moving up to two hits > run, then finally three hits etc…

anyone still struggling, stay loose when you practice and stay patient, it really is all about muscle memory

I’ve been practicing on and off (never for all that long) and I’m up to 3 hits. But for some reason I have a ton of trouble getting that 4th one. I’ll just keep at it, I’m still not all that reliable but I think it’s getting there. Using a 360 controller so I’m proud of where I am so far.

Hey everyone. I love fuerte. I’m one of the guys who originally said I don’t need the rsf loop… I was wrong and. Now practice it but am having trouble. I already can tel its just my timing but anyway

This feels like a dumb question but for the slide that finishes the loop, is it :d::hk: or run :hk: ?

just HK because you should already be running to finish it.

Honestly i have been doing ok without the RSF, obviously in the higher levels you will definitely need it, but for where i am at now G2D? I can get by on my games and little combos… :slight_smile:

Quick question.

I know there’s a Q&A thread but this one seems more appropriate regarding this.

Hey. I just watched a video were el fuerte is doing the infinite and when he’s about to do like the third hit (can’t remember) he gets ultra’d. Now, my question is. Can you always reversal ultra el fuerte’s infinite? or was there a huge gap in between (didn’t seem like it).

Sorry if this has been discussed before.