Updated 6/2- PS3 Red VLX with box, Exaprize BlazBlue TGS Stick


Hello everyone,

Sad times as I have to sell some of my favorite sticks. I chose here first cause I knew they would go to a good home. all prices include shipping.

PS3 Hori Original Red VLX shell - 220$ The original Hori VLX (no cleaning cloth or mounting board). Fairly used but still in good condition except for this scratch on the side (pic below). Comes with 8 white sanwa buttons, sanwa stick with black balltop and clear dustcover. Will be shipped in the original big Hori VLX Box. It’s heavy. Local pickup available in Los Angeles for $180.




PS3 Exaprize TGS Sanwa Blazblue Stick - **120$ ** Exclusive to Tokyo Game Show and Arcadeshock, this stick comes with a custom set up: Hazama balltop, multi-character dustcover and 6 blazblue buttons. I will also include the giant TGS Blazblue bag, Poster and TGS BB Free magazine. It will be shipped in it’s original Exaprize box.


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The Hori PS4 VLX thread

Would you be willing to sell the VLX bag separately?


where are you located?




I’m keeping it with the Diamond VLX as an incentive with it for now, sorry.

my bad I should have mentioned these are all coming from Los Angeles


So many VLXs recently! GLWS. I’d be all over that Diamond if I didn’t just import one from Japan.


thanks! yea I noticed that too. mine just weren’t getting used enough to justify them sitting around, especially the diamond.


updated the prices to include shipping


lowered the prices. If I get no interest today they are all going on ebay.


I’m hoping to hear back soon on that NIB Diamond posted in the Price Check thread. If that falls through, I am definitely interested, despite what I said in my earlier post.


ok no prob. thanks for the heads up!

Also I added 8 white sanwa to the red vlx (just no stick).


PM sent.


updated with what sold and some final price reductions


Any chance that BlazBlue stick is a limited edition variant of this one…
…and therefore it’ll also work on PS4???


Hopefully, you get a sell for the vlx shell. If it’s still there by the middle of February, I’ll likely get it.


It’s a more limited version since it was only sold at the show floor and through one retailer that went there to get it. Unfortunately this one doesn’t work on PS4 as I just tried it, but I imagine it would work with a converter. It features separately purchased custom picked balltop, dustcover and sanwa buttons though that make it a pretty good deal.

No prob. PM me I might still have it. Thanks!


Got the Diamond today, everything looks great! Thanks again!


awesome! glad it went to a good home :). thanks again!

everything else is still available in case people are still interested.


Is the vlx shell still available? I would pm, but srk is acting at the moment.


bumping this since I updated some prices and some people hit me up over PMs.