*Updated 7/8/2012* Team Ibuki Player Directory (Any Platform)

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[LEFT]Team Ibuki is a list of players that player Ibuki on Super Street Fighter 4. The list is currently hosted on MingoDynasty’e byethost.com website for easy access and modifying if needed.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]It should be easy enough to add yourself, but feel free to ask questions![/LEFT]

I suggest leaving someone to responsibiliy add. Anyone can modify the chart, and it’s looking a little empty from what I remember…

oh noes :frowning:

Meh some kid who doesn’t have a life. Or a known Ibuki player just trolling. This is why I didn’t want google docs lol. I can quickly make a webpage + database for this. I don’t know if I should though :stuck_out_tongue:


According to RedCaliburn everything was hilarious before it got wiped. Is there a history?

Your wish is my command. Data restored.

EDIT: I’ve also made a backup copy, in case the vandal decides to use a more thorough method of erasing the data.

@Izuna: I think everyone is following in Mingo’s troll-steps.
@0sh: Good thinking :slight_smile:

It was more than that, with FWord or someone pretending to be him defacing the page as well - go to File>See Revision History to look at the earlier versions.

Just posted my info at the end. At me on XBL fellas.

i signed up :slight_smile:

By the way everyone, Izuna says he quit SF weeks ago and doesn’t play anymore… That’s upsetting…

It may be a loss to the community and the Ibuki forum, but it’s not a huge loss for the FGC. It’s not like Izuna is the greatest fighting game player in all of history. He may have contributed much stuff for the Ibuki forums, but think about it. There’s more things that people are learning everyday. If you improved from Izuna’s guides and information, then that’s great. Don’t feel so bad about him leaving the community.

You have great players like Niko, Mingo, and eltrouble to be around.

Edit: *Added ASL to directory giggity

As sad as it is, it’s not exactly sudden. He’s been talking about this for some time now, and real life should always take precedence over gaming. I wish him well, but I have a feeling that he’ll still be lurking around on the forums, helping out whenever he can.

The directory has been deleted again >:(

Yeah, google docs doesn’t seem the way to go with this, lol, unless you can lock out public access.

True, true. I just didn’t know about it. It kinda surprised me, but meh.

@eltrouble: Its possible to lock it, but Mingo would have to add it and there would have to be a “signup form”

I forgot how to make websites with PHP and stuff, but I can relearn it.

A new month, a new Team Ibuki: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqClL3kJPchYdG44Ni1SdmFGSUxDa1JOdTJRbkkyMXc&pli=1#gid=1
If you still play this game, add yourself to June 2012’s Team Ibuki list.

If the trolling is a big deal, either someone vigilant can host the Google docs (if you own the document, you get to see the revision history and easily revert anything). That someone can’t be me because I’m not active enough, etc.

Or if you really want to I’ll try to make a simple web form. The only problem would be hosting it on a domain; if someone wants to cough up a few bucks to host TeamIbuki.com or something.

Free domain on a free webhost.