*Updated 7/8/2012* Team Ibuki Player Directory (Any Platform)

Hi guys I’m new to this forums and would like a sparring partner on PC to be better with Ibuki. I already added my info on the spreadsheet.

A new month, a new Team Ibuki: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqClL3kJPchYdG44Ni1SdmFGSUxDa1JOdTJRbkkyMXc#gid=2
If you still play this game, add yourself to July 2012’s Team Ibuki list.

I’ll try to start making a simple website to input your info. If someone (hello TOL) can find a cheap, preferably free webhost that supports PHP and MySQL, then we’ll have somewhere to put the website.

:\ what’s with the monthly updates? Trying to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible?


I took the liberty of removing some troll entries with supposedly US football players in it. Some guys are apparently having fun on the internet.

Yeah, I saw those entries as well. I’m puzzled why anyone outside of the Ibuki forums would want to do something like that.

…Okay, which one of you guys was it? Mingo?

I’m European and don’t give a shit about this nonsense sport you guys call “football” (whil it’s played with hands… interesting) so you can be pretty sure that it’s not me ^^

Hokay, I think the simple website is basically done. You can input your own info and at the bottom, everyone’s info is displayed. Took a bit longer than I expected; I guess my WAMP skills are lacking.

The last thing to do is figure out a way to organize the displayed info nicely (which I’m working on right now). I kind of prefer the horizontal view similar to how it is arranged on the Google Docs, but if you guys want it vertically, I can do that instead.

Site is here, temporarily:
Not sure if you can access it, but you can try.

Things I might try to add:

  1. Organize data by month.
  2. Limit 1 entry per IP address, or some sort of limit to prevent spam.
  3. Voting system to help deal with trolls.
  4. Some sort of edit feature (I think deleting then making a new entry is easier, but making security is just as hard; will probably have to depend on IP address again).

Fuck it I’ll join

Edit- I forgot to put my XBL tag, can you fix it Mingo?

@Mingo: Why don’t you use a free webhost to do it? I can set one up.

Site/server/computer is permanently down. Had to format it since we had to put it to use finally.

Also as you guys might have seen already, I set up the table vertically, since I guess that made the most sense. Then you can just scroll down to see everybody.

What did you have in mind?

I usually use http://byethost.com/ for simple sites. It can’t handle stuff like vBulletin forums, but something like this it can. I don’t like the control panel interface, but it should do :stuck_out_tongue:

Why can’t it handle vBulletin forums? Does it not support PHP?

Well, the free version has limited storage and traffic so yea, the site goes down if there’s too much going on.

Hokay. Here’s the new Ibuki site: http://ibuki.byethost11.com/index.php

Also on the to-do list is maybe putting some sort of epic win picture when you successfully register.


I added row highlighting (Javascript needs to be enabled; won’t work if you have something like Noscript on) to make it easier to read stuff horizontally. I also made the tables look a little neater.

I have the source code for everything so if you want it I can give it to you; SRK forums is fail and has no way of adding attachments to posts.

FUSERO on steam

Even though I still suck (I get too impatient at times), it’d be great to have more people put themselves on the list so we can eventually have a Team Ibuki lobby :stuck_out_tongue:

For all those adding me, I’d like to say that I don’t have that much time to play these days and considering my absolutely terrible level right now, I’m focusing on improving my game cause… I didn’t play a lot since ECT and now I play like shit (can’t even SJC U2 out of a st.MK -_- ) so I need to step my game up. When I’ll have a level good enough to teach you guys something I’ll be glad to do it but for now… I’m shit lol