(UPDATED) April 10th! GameCrazy SF4 & TvC Tournament Moreno Valley CA

K guys, SF4 is on 360…confirmed

1 Wii Setup for TVC UAS
hope 2 see some familiar faces for TVC, hopefully new ones too!!!

Thanks for the info. See you saturday.

Start time

Yeah guys sorry about that The start time will be at 2:00(sooner if everyone shows up) and sign-up/casual play from 12:30-1:30 like I said if we can run the tourney early I would like too. After all it’s Sat. And ppl have lives if not that is just as good and we’ll start on time. I’ll be sure to post the times. Hope to see everyone there! :tup:

I’ll Go

How many people are expected to show?

3v3 confirmed!!!

Yeah we’re def. Doing 3v3!!! We have enough people for it.(people who tell me they are coming) I don’t have an exact count but we have enough to run 3v3 so I hope that answers your question. So everyone bring your crew!!!

2morrow is the Event!!!
Get Hyped!!!

I suck so i everyone go easy on me, i play with Seth…

Where are my TVC buds at???
lol dont want to setup my Wii for nothing…lol

I’ll go to the tourney to play some TvC.

Well were just about ready 2 start…anyone still coming, post up now so we can postpone till 3:00pm…

The tourney was a blast. 'Till next time, yeah?

yeah…wont be at GameCrazy again, we’ll keep you informed
and hopefully the TVC players that said they’re gonna show up, show up…
cause 3 entries in TVC is just not right…

hey i wanted to go to this but i had to work unfortunately i was just wondering how u guys set up at gamecrazy cuz that shit is hella small

It’s was fine

We had plenty of space to work with considering; this wasn’t our first tourney there so we knew what to do. We won’t be doing another tourney there because they had a change in Management so I’m not dealing with it(they demanded a venue fee) so the next one will be at my house! And yes I have plenty of room to throw bigger and better tournaments in the future! Bring on SSFIV!!!

^And TvC too, right? Cuz I want to meet a lot of good people. The community here in my area isn’t that good, so hopefully I’ll learn new things again like in your tournament.