***UPDATED*** Evo Shirt Competition: Results!


Evo Shirt Competition: Results!


Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to add another winner to the contest. -KDX- awesome globe design will be used for the front of the shirt, and rook’s design will be used for the back. Congratulations KDX! Please send me your mailing address to tcannon(AT)vmware.com.

Hi guys,

This year’s contest has been a remarkable leap over last year. The judges were very impessed with both the number and quality of entries. Artists in general improved a lot over last year in terms of using the limited number of colors and still turning out a great design. There were several designs that were good enough to be the official EVO shirt, so this was a very difficult contest to judge.

This year’s winner is…


Here’s a link to his design.

Rook use of negative space, color, and repetition all work together to establish a theme – 1 from 9. The offset characters establish a sense of motion and tie the repeating blocks into one unit. Finally, it just looks fricken cool.

Thanks to all the artists who participated; it was a pleasure looking through all the submitted entries. Rook, please e-mail your design and contact information to tcannon(AT)vmware.com.


i knew he was gonna win all along…

good job nizzle.

what’s gonna be on the front/back depending on where that design is gonna be? or is it just gonna have that…?


I thought you were rooting for me MAR’N!!!

much props to rook, very simple design but nice nonetheless.


good job, rook. at first i didn’t think they’d select pics with licensed art since they might not get the rights to use it… but i guess it’s cool. have fun with your prizes -_-

oh yeah hope to see u all at next year’s contest. ill try licensed art =\

to srk staff: will shirts be availible for purchase outside of the tournament?


Yah I knew all along that Rook’s entry was my only compeition. Very well designed and PROOF that a good design doesn’t need original artwork to be TOP NOTCH, ^^. :smiley: good stuff!



grats rook.


way to go rook


Not to sound stupid and to contradict anyone, but that would have been one of the last ones I’d have picked, but good thing it’s not up to me. I’ll still probably buy a shirt.


is the cock going to be in it? thats the only reason it was picked. i wish i didnt piont it out so it would have been printed. well at least everyone knows to steal art next year.


huh? i can’t view homestead from work… can someone host it at a place other than homestead so my proxy can get it =x


this was a design contest, not an art contest, and rook had the best design. Mine was second best, but of course I’m partial.



Told you, you was gonna win from the beginning rook give me 12 hours of my life back! ARG!

I thought the 2 tone style of the characters was pimp as hell and using the 4 color pallette to color the blocks was slim peppen’, and the design is very eye catching and very solid with no flaws. Good job!

Undoubtably the best design.


I think you shoulda posted runner ups, that woulda been cool!


Grats to the winner even though i was the first to smoke out that damn box technique. Grats though Rook.


actually sfmc i showed shin_kensou and marneto my design on irc b4 you posted the box style, but :lol: I didn’t get enough time or just got lazy and never finish my design. :lame:

Oh well next year!!!

sfmc: thang nay anh cap design cua tao!


Evo Shirt Competition: Results!

big ups ro0k! always kept it gangsta! twould be a honor to sport your masterpiece round’ these neck of the wo0ds! go0d job to all who entered once again! for you are all winners! adieu and game 0n!


wow… this is a pleasant surprise.

It was really close this year with great entries from everyone who participated (and even from those who couldn’t make the deadline - Chainwhore, for instance), and I must say that I didn’t expect to walk away with this honour.

thanks everyone for the congrats,

I sent you an e-mail.


Congrats Rook!

Fuck the haters.


I personally thought Domeboy’s design would have made a better back for the shirt, and KDX’s small world icon with srk logo as the pocket on front.

Congratulations Rook, I think your design will make a fine shirt.



I agree with the Domeboy thing, that was my very first choice after looking through all the submissions.

Well whatever, congrats rook.