UPDATED! Find out TURBO - Ban cheaters from your friends list!


Mainly on GGPO.<br>
You can now know if someone is using turbo just by watching the replay and using two simple methods.<br>
The video speaks for itself.<br>
Method 1 - [media=youtube]RuHziAPUKPU"[/media]<br>
Method 2 - [media=youtube]tatsq-Z-QdQ"[/media]<br>

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<span style=“color:Red”>UPDATE!</span><br>
Playing around with inputs, following sugestions, I figured out ways to simplify and look at the inputs by the deipswitches option panel.<br>
It is pretty simple:<br>
Go to ggpo folder, open ggpofba.exe and save interesting states (F10), for example: Chun-li vs Chun-li, Gen vs Gen, Ryu vs Ryu, etc. Now, when you watch a replay from a game that you has already saved states, you can load these states (F9) much quicker, without the need to wait for someone to pickup a character by chance, that you would like to watch.<br>
Navigate through slots by pressing F11 to advance, and F8 to go back.<br>
<span style=“color:Red”>BUT HERE COMES THE BIG DEAL!!!</span></b><br>
After loading the game, press F2 to go to the <b>dipswitches </b>options. Selecet INPUT and then save state. DONE! Now you can SEE the speed of button presses. VERY USEFULL FOR ALPHA 2 AND XMEN VS STREET FIGHTER, that doesn’t work with CPU at 200%.<br>
I’m not into KOF, 3S or Garou, so, sorry, didn’t test for these games. But it should work applying the same principles.<br>
P.S.:<span style=“color:Red”><b>Special thanks to <a href=“http://www.shoryuken.com/member.php?u=35996” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>ChibiPotPie</a> (Scroll down) for the idea.</b></span>


nice, but we dont care If someone is cheating or not…

As long one is in the top of their game, this wont matter AT ALL


Just in case you wanna run a tournament or something.

It may work as an substantial evidence. It is a “shut up” tool.


lol at people using turbo to win.
rofl at people getting beaten by people using simple turbo.

I believe thats all that needs to be said on this thread.


getting beat by turbo in a game like ST is very likely. it makes mounting an offense entirely difficult, because timing on reversals is thrown out the window. So dont dismiss it as “turbo players suck, you wont lose to em anyway, unless you suck.” Good luck attacking gief, you leave any hole, whatsoever, you wil lget spd’d or fab’d. Good luck trying to capitalize off knockdown(which is insanely crucial in ST). Have fun playing a turbo honda that can now do some nasty combos into fierce hhs for stupid damage(which is impossible for humans). You are basically forced to play a different kind of game because of these tools. But at the same time, nothing can be done about this. This is just a way to prove that the person is cheating. But it wont stop them from cheating, it wont make them admit they are cheating. All it does is it lets you know you are playing a cheater. Theres nothing anyone can do about it.

Either way tho, good find


What Sabre said. And it is nice to know who to avoid playing :slight_smile:


Some players say they use turbo because of the delay the experience online. Not exactly a legitimate excuse in my opinion and I can’t make sense of it.

Another way you might be able to test it using your state load method, is to load into the dipswitch menu, using F2 and going to the input option. This way you can see the buttons being pressed and how fast they are being pressed. The input option actually test the inputs and indicates when a button is being pressed, held or mashed. This way you don’t have to interpret watching a match or swapping chars.

Your interpretations were very well detailed though.


Hey good find, although Sabre brings up a good point. It won’t make people snap to the honor system when it comes to ST or any other game. But hey, if you have to use turbo in the first place, must say something about actual execution, amirite?


The purpose of this is to find out who isn’t a good player because they use turbo or because they press the same buttons a lot, no?

Well, I like to double press, sometimes triple press my buttons with the “strum” that way my attacks are not only confirmed, but they are double and triple confirmed. Being that I do it fast enough with a casual strum, I am never worried about my inputs.

Also, I think you have to have be as bad as the players are to make a video like this, it means you are pretty much losing out to jabs and really easy to evade tactics to a turbo button? The time it took to make this video is the time you could have learned to avoid cheap tactics, because actually, I never heard that turbo was cheating or anything like that. If it was, I think HORI would stop making turbo buttons on professional gaming sticks.


Well the primary reason I can think for a stick to have a turbo button is for people who play SHUMPs. You need turbo for that shit, lol.


Wrong. It means I was very curious at the beginning of ggpo by seeing my inputs in a desynched replay, noticing that all that inputs was making sense. Also, I know pretty well how to avoid “cheap” (as you said) tactics. Plus, the video, made on my vacation, took very little time.

The two original replay are here: http://www.4shared.com/file/231537876/f0603551/Rui_Massacre.html. The cheater is not innocent, nor newbie, and it is not jabs he is pulling out. And I won, btw.

Besides all that, Hori doesn’t define the word “cheat” by placing a turbo option for their consumers.


I decided to come up with two more replays, so you can test the method by yourself.

Kokolek vs Rui Massacre (03/15/2010)

Rui Massacre versus Old_school (03/15/2010)


good stuff. its about time some figured that shit out.


UPDATED! (03/23/2010)

Now you can see button presses in the dipswitches panel!

Special thanks to ChibiPotPie for the idea.


well i think that alot of people here use turbo but wont admit it and some even badtalk it even thou they use it haha. well i dont i use turbo, my cheap Mayflash fight stick that i bought for 30$ dosent have the turbo feature like the OFFICIAL SF4 Sticks DO


Get out of here with your logic and your rhetoric. This is a forum, we don’t take kindly to your kind here.

/sarcasm .


A better way to do is it, is to record the match. Then make a save state of the game during the input test. Then replay the match and load the save state. It will show you all button presses of each player.

And for better analysis and if you’re quick enough. Load two instances of FBA and replay the match in both and pause them. Load the save state in one of them and unpause both.


The #1 issue with turbo on GGPO is that, in many/most cases, it causes a ridiculous amount of input lag. As far as the game I play (A2) is concerned, there are several very critical points at which having turbo gives a player a ridiculous edge. For instance, countering Valle CC’s requires no timing. You see the screen flash, you hold your activation buttons, voila, 100% counter-cc consistency. Various miscellany like Chun CC’s, Rolento CC’s, Ryu CC’s, 100% consistency on throwing people out of point blank meaties 40 times in a row, etc…aren’t as important. It’s the lag that really makes it unplayable.


Very true, I played one turbo using spamming so much I couldn’t combo a jab after a super meaty hp cross up with t.hawk in ST, I got thrown to death easily.


Wish there was a GGPO wall of shame… so I know who to avoid in ST… also good shit man…

EDIT:Nvrmind I’m a dumbass, I need to come by this part of the forum more often…