Updated list of character specific post body press follow ups

Just wanted to post this real quick to both help some folks out as well as generate some further discussion about what other options Hakan may have after the oil slide. Below are the results of some lab work in an effort to point out specifically what works in terms of either stuffing reversals with a jump in RH/fwd kick or making them whiff entirely.


  • Updated to make note of Yang’s glitch which prevents him from getting hit from any jump in attack as he’s getting up.
  • Added forward dash follow up as a second option for Seth.
  • Changed the Blanka follow up from st. jab to step back. That was an overlooked notation error on my part.

Ryu - standing strong
Ken - standing strong
Ehonda – step back
Ibuki – step back
Makoto – step back
Dud – standing jab
Seth – step back, forward dash
Gouken – standing jab
Akuma – standing strong
Gen – standing strong
Sakura – standing strong
Oni – standing strong
Yun – step back
Juri – standing strong
Chun li – step back
Sim – step back
Abel – standing strong
Viper – standing jab
Bison – standing strong
Sagat – step back
Cammy – step back
Deejay – step back
Cody – step back
Guy – step back
Yang- ??? Step back should work but for some reason Yang’s quirky hitbox as he’s getting up from a hard knockdown causes Hakan to whiff with any jump in normal.o_O edit:it is indeed a glitch
e. ryu – standing strong
guile – standing strong
blanka – step back
zangief – standing jab
el fuerte – step back
vega – step back
balrog – standing jab
fei long – standing jab
t. hawk – standing jab
adon – step back
rose – standing jab

If anyone finds any inconsistencies with the above results or managed to stumble across any other possible setups please let me know.

Godlike stuff. I know Chrons matchup thread has a lot of post slide setups, but this is a great idea, a real quick easy way of getting the information you need for each character.

Just one thing i’ve noticed at the moment, Honda’s a weird one. I like to use f.lp > j.mk as it will make splashes whiff for a punish and ex headbutts go under you, I think st.mp > j.mk can work too but EX headbutt might be able to catch you.

Yeah I don’t like st.mp > j.mk or j.rh for honda as it seems that Hakan is vulnerable to both ex HB and ex buttsmash reversals, plus it tends to totally whiff resulting in an empty crossup and loss of momentum. I’ll test out f.lp > j.mk to see if Honda has any reliable reversal counters to this. Hopefully not because the more mixup options you have against him the better.

For Cody, I use s.mp, j.mk as an auto-cross up. I use c.lk, j.mk against Honda, although I think I’ll try Drew’s suggestion. That one misses too often. Thanks for the post, Longshot, by the way. I’ve also improved on my s.lp, tiny walk, j.hk pseudo-cross up. Not sure who that all works on, though, other than Ken, Ryu and Akuma. Who else? Anybody know?

No prob. I’ll test that one out as well. If it works on K/R/A I see no reason why it shouldn’t work on other characters.

I think Guiles another one, I remember practising it in training mode on him in my early Hakan days.

You understand that the problem with Yang isn’t his hitbox right? It’s actually a glitch where he has invulnerable frames from a face down head towards wake up. Versus Yang after sliding you should always oil up because nothing you will do will hit him.

Hopefully the developers will patch this in the next version.

Yeah and based on the latest list of changes I see no indication so far of this glitch being addressed. However, with the nerfs both twins are receiving along with the new and improved 2012 Hakan I don’t think I can be too disappointed :wink:

No doubt. Plainly put, Yang got Fucked up.

i remember for SAKURA
-s.mp > j.hk/mk - doesnt work (either gets hit by her c.hp or it wiffs to her back).
-step back > j.hk was the better option

also my hakan bible (my own recollection/tested of all hakan data :)) indicates the following:
boxer: f.lk > j.hk
t.hawk: c.mp > (early) j.hk
sagat: c.mp > (early) j.hk [losses to ultra1?]
Guile: (take tiny step before) s.lp > j.hk

Let me know its not correct, i’ll try test this when i get home later tonight.

I think for sakura it’s whiff c.lk then j.mk if im not mistaken

This should help with sakura. Watch:


Jump over and get behind him. That’s where he’s vulnerable. Plus, jump over, lk dive will stuff mk and hk SRK’s, oddly, not to mention dash punches and throws. Some crouching normals will result in a whiffed lk SRK and a stuffed mk SRK, too. I’ll be experimenting with slide/press jump over set ups on Yun, and see what else I figure out.

ooh it’s c. lk and J. hk dang it! I got it wrong.

Thanx Drew, the [ slide/press > s.mp/c.lk > j.hk ] does work on Sakura like the video.

But i also find it hard to get it consistently to pull off in the lab on my ps3 and online.
i think this is due to Sakura’s small hit box and for this to work the timing to press the [s.mp/c.lk + jump + j.hk] needs to be more precise than other characters. i end up using [ walk back 1 tiny instance > j.mk/j.hk ] more reliable in my game play.

Anyways, i hope this help other fellow hakaner :slight_smile:
Keep this up.

shaaa’s hakan secret bible

[ (corner) mp rocket > n.j.lk > lk dive ]

100% error-less setup, works on most of the cast especially the irregular ones, can use different setup after corner mp rocket

[ slide/press > n.j.lk > lk dive ]

only for vs another Hakan