UPDATED: Pownz E-sports Championship - Street Fighter IV

Pownz E-sports Championship - Street Fighter IV

I’ve been hinting for a while about a BIG announcement before Christmas. At this time, I’m proud to present our community with an EXTRA EARLY Christmas present!

Pownz is proud to announce our VERY FIRST pro E-sports Circuit featuring Street Fighter IV!

The circuit will consist of 8 qualifier events. These qualifiers will lead up to a final, no holds bar, high stakes SINGLE ELIMINATION battle for glory at Anime North 2010!

We’re bringing some heavy hitting sponsors and cash prizes for each and every event.

Sponsors include:
Gunnar Optiks
Swift Trade
and many more to be announced!!!

Event Dates:

January 2nd 2010 - Downtown Toronto - Proper Reserve - LINK
January 30th 2010 - Kitchener/Waterloo - Huether Hotel - LINK
February 20th 2010- Halifax - Rogues Roost Brew Pub
March 13th 2010 - Hamilton - Pownz e-Sports Center
April 10th 2010 - Mississauga - TBA
April 24th 2010 - Vaughan/Markham - TBA
May 2010 - Ottawa - TBA
May 29th 2010 - Toronto - Anime North 2010 LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER
May 30th 2010 - Toronto - Anime North 2010 Pownz E-Sports Championship GRAND FINALS

Director: RXS
Co-Director: Nagata Lock II

Individual event announcements will be in separate threads!


As you all have read by now, I’ll be returning to an active role in the co-ordination and direction of tournaments for this circuit. Some people will also be happy (some not so much) to know that my primary function will be handling of the commentary for the Internet streams. My secondary role will be in support of Vince as he runs the brackets.

I strongly encourage everyone to sit back and realize the scope of what Vince/Chris, in concort with current and upcoming sponsors, are doing for the e-sports scene. This isn’t just about the GTASF. This is the first big step for all of e-sports Canada as it concerns the fighting game community. This is what people have been talking about for years but lacked the resources to get done. These will be well structured events with dedicated staff giving players the best tournaments possible for the consistent biggest prizes it has ever seen.

If people have questions and/or comments please direct them to RXS or myself.

While it should go without saying by this point in time, negative comments with no redeemable value will be deleted. This initiative is for the greater good of the e-sports community. Small minded or blatantly negative comments have no place for something this posotive in nature.

Much thanks for the future support from everyone in the GTASF and abroad.

Nagata Lock II

ohhh shiii…I want info asap!

This is awesome guys, thanks a lot for running this. It must definitely be stressful and take a lot of your time. For a newbie like me just getting into the scene and can’t get to Toronto due to school, it will be awesome to get a major tournament 5 minutes from my house lol.

Willing to help anyway I can at Heuther’s. I like the whole aspect of organizing tournaments and stuff, and would love to get some experience when it comes to the Waterloo tourney by helping you guys out. Although I never heard it before, I look forward to your commentary Nagata lol.

You may already know this, but be sure to let eventhubs.com know when these events happen, and they’ll advertise it on there site.

POWNZ Staff:


Curt that was the gayest post I’ve ever read.

Over under on this being deleted withing 36 seconds?


Can you enter twice or something like that?

by that I mean, can I go to the one in Downtown Toronto AND in Vaughan? what were to happen if someone were to win in 2 or more of these events?

good shit man.

i think what may be happening is that if you win one of the events your qualified for the final event and dont need to participate in any of the other events and it will come down to 8 players for the final event

I would think the best way to handle a situation like that would be to give the qualifying spot to the next person in line i.e. 2nd place or whatever. How many spots are there in the final championship? I mean like is it only the winner of each qualifier that’s in, or is it top 2 or what?

This is crazy hype btw, love it. One question I have though, why is the championship single elimination?

Hi Guys

To address some of your questions:

DJ Kun: So long as you are not the winner of a qualifier you can enter as many times as you want.

Valeran: Only 8 people will qualify. And it’s single elim to raise the stakes. The Japanese play their circuit tournaments in this fashion as well.

No qualifier in Ottawa? :frowning:

this is a great thing for the community as a whole. Props to everyone involved to get the ball rolling on this one.

I want to know was the launch of super sf4 considered when creating the scheduele!???

I know nothing has been set in stone yet but capcom has hinted by the first quarter 2010… So by April at the latest… At which point everyones interest will be shifted to the new game!

omg. wat a waste of time the. top 8 is from mtl neways no
jokes guys


wow ontario gives themselves 6 spots to act as if they were
the best in canada but we all know if mtlsf could attend all the events we would take the 8 spots . give us at least 3 spots or qualifiers so none of you gets any prize money. thx in advance


When MTLSF takes the initiative to organize something on this scale, they can give themselves 20 spots.

Until then…

lol sars

You forgot the L’accent aigu on the letter a.

Uhhh the event is being held by a company based in Ontario. K thx bye. People need to think before they post.