UPDATED: Pownz E-sports Championship - Street Fighter IV


Looks like I don’t have to run SFIV at Anime North next year.


T10 Results

1 sabin
2 JSMaster
3 temujin
4 veasna
5 JasonK
5 karamba
7 arcade legend
7 harmony
9 ChiRithy
9 Kymah
9 Manaboy
9 spiral guy

It spells MTL all over it
funny part is there is even more tallent that can be in this list right there from MTL but didnt show up @ T10 …
Fuck that shit MTL dont need no Free pass
MTL will take next big tounrey anyways … sooo … to all Ontario id like to say …


Nicely said.

Jaywang: SSFIV was considered and discussed during the planning phases of this event. We will be running SSFIV with a slightly different schedule once it is released. However it is locked that SSFIV will be run in parallel at the Anime North 2010 Finals.

To those from Montreal: We would like to do more MTL Qualifier events in our next circuit, however due to time constraints and planning difficulties we were not able to do so this time. We always have you guys in mind and are eager to build a relationship where we can thrive together. Also you guys are always welcome to come try and qualify in Ontario as well.

As for Ottawa, we based our qualifier stops based on where we had the contacts to work with. If there is a venue or a group of individuals who want to be come involved we are definitely open to discussions.

OH so you want an out of province company to start catering to you, and the respect of players outside of MTL based on results from T10? A tournament that was 4 months ago?

And it was a MTLer who was talking shit, and your telling us not to talk shit because we think your a bunch of french cry babies who want everything your way?


I agree with Montreal.

Cry babies ? the fuck u talking about ?
i just said MTL does NOT NEED FREE PASSES that MTL would still win next big Tourney anyways … :tup:

Ya basing myself on a tourney thats 4 months ago … you should see MTL now …
TO aint got shit on MTL

How about you guys come down on the 9th of january to show us what TO has vs MTL ?
or will all TO just sit at home while Team STC the only people willing to travel to MTL to represent …

you’re boring. this has already been done years ago.

quit boring everybody.

why so much hate?? We are all Canadian

A player who’s won a qualifer is not eligable to enter another tournament. Their participation would skew the brackets and complicate the results. That matter is not open to debate.

There will be no other events run in Montreal outside of the scheduled stop. RXS has already touched on the logistics as to why multiple events in Montreal are not scheduled. Any further posts complaining about a dead issue will be deleted.

Concerning SSFIV, the staff is aware of the likely shift in player interest when the new game is released. It was felt the best route was to stay with SFIV throughout this circuit so as not to force players who currently have SFIV to spend excess money to buy a new game. It was also touched on the fact that not everyone has ready access to casuals as the majority do. It would create a split in the players who are able to compete on an even playing field. Further to the point, players who qualified for SFIV theoretically may not qualify for SSFIV and it again complicates matters. Lastly, sponsorship is based around one game. An abrupt (and keep in mind unscheduled as we don’t have a set release date for SSFIV) looks poorly on our staff when dealing with sponsorship.

There are scheduled SSFIV events planned within the GTASF and they will be posted in the Canada section at the appropriate time.

RXS: iunno but


no no no better yet


in other news, what about SSFIV? do we get to playtest it or something alike?

It’s always gonna be like this. Toronto v Montreal, New York v Boston.
Theres always 2 cities going at it.
No point in fighting it.

yaya, keep talking guys. You can’t escape the inevitable ANYWAYS!

LOl funny how TO has always made “canadian” events their way(Back in the days on Jap sticks) Now giving themseleves 6 spots omg…we should just boycot this shit but then again this is so free were just gonna send Henri to take all ur money we dont give a shit u guys are free.

Davero: WHo r u to be talking like that? Come to MTL and MM ppl here and see whats good were not cry babies were just saying the obvious MTL completly owns the canadian sf4 scene forget T10 man just come on the 9th ull see the deal son. Anyways just call ur event “Ontario scrub league” and were just gonna forget about this insult. 1 spot? This is a total diss to MTLSF

I wasnt there for singles

i say me js and spiral boo rah

maybe davero

lol i like how everyone from mtlsf ignores me cause i just talk about getting baked…

and poutine

OK. Pownz is based in Ontario, so naturally its gonna have their customer bases best interest in mind. I don’t see why this is so hard to understand. As far as qualifiers for MTL, Nagata already explained why there is only one.

Also, why is it that an Ontario based company has to go into YOUR city to run a qualifier? Is anyone from your scene taking this kind of initiative?
There could have easily been no qualifier there at all, they don’t get any benefit from it,
there is no Pownz branch in Montreal. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Lol to all the shit talking.

This circuit is pretty godlike imo

Now I’m not sure if you read the fine print or not, (judging by the post and your intelligence as a whole well…) but this is the Pownz E-Sports Championship not the Equal Opportunity Spots for Skill Level and Location in Canada Championship. Which sadly means that despite most likely being better than us, (Just tryin to bring up the MTL egos) the directors get the final say in where they go.

But really this is the very definition of crying. You might have a point if they said this was a Canadian thing. (but I’m just trying to make you feel better because you really don’t have a point at all) In reality though, when your crew decides to start getting sponsorships, feel free to screw over all of Canada as you so desire,
because I’m sure if you guys had your way there would be 7 spots for MTL, and maybe 1 for Quebec.

Perhaps your group should be more concerned with how to get more money and sponsorships in your scene instead of just trying to get your own way when other scenes try to run a big event. Note that there were big things on the way for TX if it was actually held in September, but WAIT! I recall there were some people who could not make it so directorship changed, and people ended up taking some hefty losses, ALL so these other people could join our tourney, take oh maybe 50% of the top spots and not even have any say in the grand finals, and proclaim themselves the very best in Canada. Yes, my mistake.

Or maybe you guys are too busy working hard to get better than us. I respect that. Too bad all that skill is only gonna get you 1 qualifier and no sponsored events.

You’re still the best Rufus in Canada Smokey so don’t even worry!

Smokey: not to burst your bubble, it’s not written anywhere in my text that it is a CANADIAN event… or that it represents the BEST IN CANADA. only because… we’re missing an entire portion of our country. It’s just a circuit, period. We included a Montreal qualifier because we had the funds available to do so and it fit into the plan for us. By all means if we could do more qualifiers in Montreal we would, it would be in POWNZ best interest to do more qualifiers in Montreal. However as stated before there were many things preventing us from doing so.

If we can not move beyond bickering with each other and start building the fabric that is needed for a bigger future, we’ll always be stuck where we are now. Drekken and myself have always had big plans for SF and gaming in general. We’ve always had our sights set high, in hopes that we could one day create a community where we can break down silly barriers like this. Sure it’s great that you have heat between communities as players but when it’s creating barriers where established community leaders can’t even agree to working TOGETHER because of these trivial differences, then we’ll never go anywhere.

Nagata: If you feel this thread needs to be locked for any period of time, please feel free to do so.