UPDATED: Pownz E-sports Championship - Street Fighter IV

Lol You know I actually herd his voice when you quoted that

And wow… just wow …such epicness

I wonder how long mtrl will cry for and how long scrubs are gonna say in your face.

Get a bunch of guys together and drive to Ontario for some of their qualifiers… problem solved. It’s not that long of a drive.

Hey, come on, at least you’re lucky Mtl, Quebec city doesn’t get one :frowning:

I stil <3 you RXS, don’t worry.

Veasna; keep being an idiot. When I infract you on the next go around you’ll be banned and I’ll get an early Christmas gift.

Vince; no I don’t need to lock anything. I’ll delete posts as I see fit. Amidst the typical selfish behaviour from a few lazy players, the rest of the people in this thread have been nothing but posotive.

All i hear is salt and jealousy that MTLSF aren’t doing big things like Pownz + Vince/Justin are doing. I guess it stems from all the T tournies pulling more US players and more numbers than MATs do…

MTLSF not doing big things ? you’re one funny guy
Our last local Tourney had 64 SF4 players
We invited everyone to come down and only a few from Ottawa joined us where is TO ?
Why dont you guys come down and see whats up with MTL …
NetChamp Battle Arena is chaning MTL bit by bit and bigger projects are in the works
You Just Dont Know… ask any Outsider that came down last Tourney how HYpe it was and how our setup at NetChamp Battle Arena is God Like
Also id like to Thank all the TO people that actualy took the time to come down to Montreal in the past and hope to see you more and more around and not just for MAT

Hey guys,

Lets not fall into this. Netchamp is doing a fantastic job of driving the MTLSF community. They are the POWNZ of Quebec.

Now if only Netchamp and POWNZ could team up! That would be a power house!

Why don’t YOU guys come down to TO?

Oh yeah, something about getting your car taken away on the highway leave a sour taste in your mouths?

Yeah, being mildly retarded and French will do that.

What does TO showing up to your random local tournies have anything to do with it. Our locals draw 60 even on a bad day. And we don’t see ANY MTL at those tournies. If i started calling you a pussy because of that how would that make any sense. Basically it seems like you take a point, make an entirely different point, and… I’m not entirely sure where your going with this.

The whole point was, be grateful MTL. POWNZ doesn’t owe you shit. Yet all you do is cry, the day i see MTL organize something like this and give equal thought to Ontario as yourselves then i’ll shut the fuck up.

Where were you guys besides mat this year? Tx and ???

Who are you anyways?

Ok there is such a thing as talking shit to bring HYPE to an event. And then there’s what your doing, I would just like to showcase that we (MTL and TO) meet at the very least twice every year…and some people might take offense at what your saying, we called you Scrubs at SF4, that answer is so undeserved.You don’t know us.

If you have a xenophobic approach to French people as a whole, your welcome to talk to me…I will enlighten you…

All i was saying is that we were under the impression it was an East Coast Canadian event, and it would be legitimate if that were the case (in proportion of the population of SF players across Canada) that we get more than 1 spot out of 8 to attend the event. In that manner, a qualifier in Ottawa would count as 1 of our spots (let’s be honest). So at least, that’s 2 spots for us, still not entirely legitimate representation but better than just sending 1 guy over in a single elimination format to go through 6 ontarians and the only guy who plays SF4 in the Maritimes .

I’ll let you think about the proposal of a Ottawa qualifier which would defenetly suit us (1h30 drive is better than 5 hour), and see if there’s more that could be done in that manner.

I understand that Pownz is first and formost a company in Ontario and wants to appeal to its customer base, but only by allowing the best to attend will the Canadian SF4 scene improve as a whole.

Thx in advance.

PS:Nagata Lock … You see fit to delete Veasna’s post as too provocative but, this is adequate to you? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t read his post as of now.

here’s a question, if you won’t drive for the qualifier it doesn’t seem like you’d care even drive for the main event that is in toronto.

First you cry saying we say it’s a Canada wide event (which we didn’t), then now you cry saying we said it’s a “East Coast Canada” event. Guess what, the post didn’t say that either.

There are lots of good players in vancouver that you don’t see whining in this thread about not having a qualifier over there.

keep crying under the guise of “hype”.

no it doesn’t. You know what does? not crying about not having enough slots for YOUR region.

So how does this work, Lock? Can anyone enter at anytime or is an ongoing bracket?

Every business in Canada should just do all their business in the city of Montreal.

It’s the only way to make it legit.


It’s SIIMMmppppplllleeeee jaaaacckk :stuck_out_tongue:

ggg…ggg…ggg…gooooood :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this.

I believe you just join one of the tournaments, and if you win, you qualify for the main event. Anyone can join as many times as they want as long as they haven’t won a previous qualifier as far as I understand.

Noodleknob is correct :slight_smile:

I can only imagine how many people will sign up at the Anime North last chance qualifier. It’ll be madness.

If anything, it should make up for SFIV not going down so well in AN2009.

It will be GODLIKE.

Hi Yasangi! KOF is still dead! but i <3 you guys still!

Muchos gracias.

:lol: hey man, haven’t entered a tourney since 07. Forgiveness please.