*UPDATED!*"Quit lecturing me and show me what you've got!"- The UMvC3 Zero Video Thread



Welcome to the Ultimate Zero video thread. Everything video related involving Zero will be posted, collected, and organized here for your viewing pleasure and usage. All new entries and submissions are welcome.

First and foremost, I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to the following channels on youtube…

kbkoolio (AKA Nini on the Forums)

These guys do a ton for the Zero boards as far as uploading new tech and combos. Not a bad idea to follow them. (Sorry if I forgot someone, message me and I’ll update! )

I have updated the thread to contain Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gameplay Videos only right now. I may re-add the Vanilla Zero stuff at a later date, but for now just youtube search, or ask in the Q&A thread if you have any questions regarding earlier Zero footage.

General Changes to Zero from Vanilla MvC3 to Ultimate MvC3.


Mission Mode:


Zero Combos/ Misc findings…








High Level Gameplay Vids:













Excellent thread, is this where all Zero videos are going to be or just tutorial/combo videos?

Also, I can help update if needed.


I’ll be making an archive of all of the Zero videos, including tutorials as well as combo videos (when those start coming up, haha)

Just post here with new videos or anything you may come along that I haven’t posted yet. =)


heres a combo me and a friend thought up of thats not so tough to do just got time the sent assist but this works with multiple characters as well



Zero’s standard BnB for now. ~760k damage for 1 meter and no XF, and it builds 2 meter!. Can be shortened to end after the first Sentsuizan if you don’t have a suitable assist to combo from the OTG Sentsuizan.



Catch Phoenix off-gaurd with a level 3 that makes zero invincible, but hits practically the entire screen.


Can she block that though? The characters who can control it do so with grab supers. Try putting the dummy on all-block immediately after inputting the Genmu Zero (I would but I’m about to go to sleep).


My version of that would have Zero timing his hyper activation just before the animation for Phoenix’s Hyper plays, ideally so that the hyper projectile is half way across the screen as the Dph activation animation plays, immediately afterwards = Hyper hits and a dead Phoenix.

I do believe that in your version, Phoenix can actually block that as you left the hyper activation too late ( you basically don’t want to give her a chance to even say ’ Dark Phoenix Rises! ’ )

I’d do a video but its like 5:50 am here, I have college today and the batteries in my camera are dead, maybe l’ll do one later


Phoenix can immediately act as soon as the cinematic ends for the Dark Phoenix activation. Before the cinematic she isn’t Dark Phoenix yet, so there are zero frames when you could hit her when she is unable to block. Even those ground grabs are foiled by her just holding up.


The thing about Zero’s level 3 hyper is, It makes him invincible. So as long as you can get it out, the timing isn’t really strict, And any X-factor will level phoenix, so if you feel that level 1 x-factor is well worth spending, by all means, go for it.

Those combos were done with auto block on. If nothing else, You can catch a phoenix with his level 3, since it has a very long invinicible animation.


a short vid of me messin around in the danger room



Like I said before - you need to test with all block. I just tested this myself and no: Zero cannot control it. As soon as you activate the level 3 go into the training menu and put Phoenix on all block - she will block the level 3 every time.


Just Updated the vids. Keep them coming guys.

As far as the level 3 on phoenix, I have yet to test this myself, but I am pretty sure this wont work.

However, being a Phoenix player myself, I can tell you that most people that use her end up switching out during the flame animation, so this could potentially be used as a punish against switch-ins and such. But as far as anything guaranteed, I’m a bit skeptic.


Two new videos. The first is very important and everyone should watch it:
It shows:
-Combos from Zero’s throws
-A very ambiguous crossup combining Raikousen with a beam assist
-How to modify the advanced BnB combo to work anywhere on the screen on any character
-Crossover Hyper Countering - combining Crossover Counter with Genmu Zero

And hopefully this second video will quiet everyone who thinks Zero’s damage output is low.


You’re using that Beam assist eh Avarice? Doom-a + Zero is too good. You were right about not needing Sent.
Knew all of those but it’s great to have them combined in a video because it’s hard to explain newer Zero players by writing. One I didn’t know was that great cross-up with Raikousen and how to switch to th corner with your BnB.

BTW, been working on a list of characters you can only do 2 reps of the loops or which character you switch sides everytime you do a loop midscreen.


I actually haven’t yet used the beam assist in an actual match. I’ve been using Hidden Missiles but I realized Plasma Beam would be more helpful for rushing in and Hidden Missiles is redundant when I already have Jam Session, so I’m going to try out Plasma Beam for a while. I’m going to be playing some casuals tomorrow and I’ll try to stream for everyone to see :smiley:

I’m way too lazy to do this so I really appreciate it ^^. The only one I really know of so far is Storm.


^ Yeah, Laser assist is best for Zero IMO.

But Avarice, I meant “I” am working on the list, I’ll post it on the matchup thread when it’s done, probably tomorrow.


Zero Combovid [media=youtube]nhPNc5uLjnY[/media]