*Updated! Results!* SF4 Singles Tourney(Ran Bat 1.1!) @ Alex Arcade, Santa Ana, CA


Street Fighter 4 Singles Tournament! Saturday, April 24th, 2010! I’ve finalized my decision and this will be the kick off Ran Bat before Super comes out. This will be Alex’s Arcade’s first ever Ran Bat! Season 1 part 1!

Note: This time things are going to be a little bit different. Since I do not currently have a venue set up for future Ran Bats for SSF4, the pay out for this Ran Bat will be immediately after, but all the ranking points will stick and carry over and I will restart the pot once I find a definite venue to host future ran bats. I will most likely start an official thread for Ranbats or a page, so look for that in the future!


  • Sign ups start @ 12PM, Tournament starts @ 1PM (No Pre-reg this time, but in the future)

  • Entry Fee = $5 (all of it will go to the pot this time and will be paid out, post tourney)

  • 32 Man Cap (36 Max)

  • You are allowed to change characters throughout the tournament.

  • Loser may switch characters, but Winner must stick with their character they just won with.

  • Double Elimination (Winner’s Bracket/Loser’s Bracket)

  • Winner’s Bracket will be 2/3, Loser’s Bracket is 1 game only (Only because we only have 1 set of cabinets, future it will be 2/3)

  • Loser’s Finals is 3/5, Winner’s Finals will be 3/5.

  • Grand Finals will be 3/5, Loser has to win 2 sets to win.

  • Top 8 will be rewarded ranking points (places 1,2,3,4,5,5,7,7)

    • 1st: 6 points; 2nd: 5 points; 3rd: 4 points; 4th: 3 points; 5th/5th: 2 points; 7th/7th: 1 point
  • Pot will be split 3 ways to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

    • 1st: 60%; 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 10%

These are the rules until further notice! Things will be much more organized in the future ran bats and rules will be changing in the next Ran Bat.

Come showcase your skills. Prove your number 1! or 2 or 3!

Remember Alex’s Arcade also features other arcade games such as: MvC2, CvS2, KOF, SFA2, SF3S, SSF2Turbo, and they even got a foosball table!

**RESULTS: (Top 8 and current rankings)

  1. ChivasChivas (David R.) 7 points
  2. Jack0a7 (Marc R.) 5 points
  3. Andrew Strife 4 points
  4. Comotose Cowboy (Makoto Mike) 3 points
  5. Evan 2 points
  6. NamHo 2 points
  7. B.L. 1 point
  8. Jack10 1 point

Looks, ChivasChivas decisely took first after beating Andrew Strife in loser’s finals and then proceeding to sweep Jack0a7 in grand finals. Good job to both Marc R. and David R.! Videos will be up soon!



I think number of matches for each final should be the same.

I would personally go
Winners: 3/5
Losers: 3/5
Grand Finals: 3/5 with Loser’s Champ having to win 2 sets


sounds good Duy, I’ll change it. I just didn’t want people to have to wait forever. Where the hell are you on AIM? I was going to ask you some stuff, but you weren’t around so I posted those rules.


bump for info.


Legit. Good shit Andrew!


thanks man, I hope to see a good turn out like all the other times! :smiley:




Don’t know when you’re gonna need me down there, but hopefully its after 3PM. I’m gonna be so tired after work in the morning i’m going to take a nap when I get home.


thanks for coming out and recording Dan! Videos up soon! Results are up!


videos are up! search Alex Arcade RanBat 1.1, Losers Finals and semi-finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals are up.