what are the new servers to go to???

EDIT- Everytime I go on Kailera everything seems dead.

covert.gamingsa.com is a good new aussie server

GodWeapon is the only real active server left.
It peaks at around 80 people.

If it’s down, then everyone migrates to Anti3D.

well from my experience, the most popular servers are

North American: Godweapon, anti3d, sonic cage(seems like to be Super smash mostly)
Europe: Bohramt, aep.emu(alot of weleague), super turbo, arcadehits(if its running)

While I’m here, might as well advertise Phizzle Dizzle for all of you West Coast players out there. C’mon! We need more people to start showin up there! First server in a while where I had almost a lag free game :clap: