*UPDATED* SF4 2 V 2 Teams Tourney April 18th! @ Alex Arcade/Cam's in Santa Ana, CA!


SF4 2 V 2 Teams Tourney April 18th! @ Alex Arcade/Cam’s in Santa Ana, CA.
Side Note:** Singles Tourney on April 24th!! (Might be first Alex Arcade RanBat, 36 man cap)

Last turn out was great guys!! We capped at 16 teams and a bunch of great matches!!

  • Street Fighter 4 Tournament: Sunday, April 18th @ 1PM, Sign ups start at 12PM (WALK-IN)

  • Where: Alex Arcade (formerly Cameron’s Place of Games) @ 626 S Harbor Blvd
    Santa Ana, CA 92704

  • 2 vs 2 Teams Tournament

  • Same Character teams allowed (you can both choose the same characters)

  • Choose any order your team plays, Last Man Standing (pokemon style)

  • 16 Team Cap (32 man) [might fit a couple more teams in depending on turnout)

  • $3 Entry Fee per person ($6 per team)

  • Best out of 1 game

  • Double Elimination (Winner’s Bracket/Loser’s Bracket)

  • Loser’s Finals, Winner’s Finals, and Grand Finals are best 2/3 set.

  • Grand Finals: Winner of Loser’s Finals must win 2 sets against Winner.

  • 1st Place wins 60% of pot
    2nd Place wins 30% of pot
    3rd Place wins 10% of pot
    Winner Takes All if less than 10 Teams show up

Tournament may be streamed… Top 8 will be recorded.

You can play other games while you wait. Alex Arcade offers games like 3rd strike, MvC2, CvS2, Alpha2, Super Turbo, and more! check out their site http://www.alexsarcade.com

See or Ask for me (Andrew) for registration on the day of during sign up time.

Come showcase your skills! Get Hype!!


I’m down. How do I sign up?


Is this on Arcade cab? or will you guys have set ups?




show up at the arcade by around 12pm, see me, (tall mixed asain dude) and let me know you’re in for the tourney. Team Name and $6 for the team. Hence, walk in sign ups :slight_smile: Hope to see you there!

and Dan, do you mind recording again??? Top 8? You don’t have to show up until like 4:00pm probably haha. :]

When I start running ran bats, I think I make it a cash incentive for you to come and record… we’ll see :wink:


Just make sure to tell me when you want me to start recording. We don’t want a repeat of last time. Remember, i’m an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me and my friend are interested in coming up and playing. Could you please save us a spot, I don’t feel like driving one hour just to sign up and then have to drive up again on Sunday. Thanks


Yeah, man I’ll make an exception for you since you’re driving from so far away. I’ll put you in the 16th spot.

@ Dan, lol… okay I’ll remind you when then :]


is it going to be recorded so we can watch the stream???


i’m planning on showing up to this


I don’t think I’m going to have that kind of equipment, but I’ll see what can be done… but top 8 WILL be recorded and posted on Youtube ASAP after the tourney is finished.


Hey I’m going to this tournament.First one in a long time!


finally!!! good shit!! Try to make to next weeks too! last couple tournaments before you have to reconstruct your Ryu in SSF4 haha.


Hey Andrew,

Thanks for saying you would hold the spot but work informed me today that I don’t get sunday off :frowning: So I will not be able to make it, thanks again


Hope to see a lot of people there today.



I’ll try to make next weeks as well. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to Ryu in Super. I’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:


Good job today Jorge. Your ryu is extremely solid and you controlled our matches 100%. Great reaction, execution, and reading.

I felt like i could’ve done better, but you out played me.


Where’s the link for the youtube videos?


yo ggs to everyone who played today:woot::woot: …^^ umm yeahh where are the videos gonna be uploaded to??


Videos will be posted on Youtube soon by GYT!!! I’m so hyped that GYT came out to my event and recorded games and got interviews from the top players! Thanks for coming out Glenn! Some good matches today, big upsets! Big turnout 18 teams!!

Results: (top 8)
1 Charles + Jorge (Gaoser, Hadoken)
2 Beauty and The Beast (Warahk, Tatsu)
3 Team Blaxicans (Hugo101, DJ Vest)
4 Cupcake Town (John, Chris)
5 Andy’s the Shiet (M1n0rthr3at aka MAJOR THREAT, AndyOCR)
5 Team When Doves Cry (Andrew Strife, AyoChap)
7 Chris + Ian (Chris, Iyawnn)
7 Team S2K (Bunsomite, Tony)

Good shit from everybody!! Hope to see some of you come out on Saturday. I know UGTL Tourney is also on Saturday evening.