UPDATED: Terrordrome quick combo Vid Vol. 1 & 2!


Long time ago I played a demo of TerrorDrome, it had a few characters only and the gameplay was a bit stiff. Well in this last Halloween, the final version of the game was released, and while there are still some rough edges, the game has a decent combo engine that allows some good stuff, and then I recorded a short, basic combovid, I wish you all like it.

This time I used a well known horror game music track to give the vid more spooky mood. Please enjoy at 720p!

Terrordrome Quick Combovideo Vol.2 by MKK Team Venezuela!!


OMG THIS IS DOPE!! 2 of the best things combined…horror movies and fighting games HELL YEA! Do you have a download link? And also does it have fatalities?


Yes the game is 100% free. terrordrome-thegame.com


wow…that download client bullshit is terrible. No…I refuse to pay for a program to download multiple files for me…ridiculous.


not only that after a couple of downloads you have to put in a code for captcha which I cant seem to find anywhere. wow what a load of bullshit. gonna have a hard time building a community for this game if you make people go this all this crap just to download it.


WOW…go through all this crap to download and install it and plug in my qanbaq4 joystick and it doesn’t work with this game. It works with my snes emulator on any game but for some reason joystick support in the game is garbage.

Dont waste your time on this crap.


And yes I have the joystick box checked under the game options. I’m able to use the buttons on the joystick but cant move my character with the actual joystick. And also got this error when I installed it. Dont know if that has anything to do with it but it runs fine just cant get this joystick to work properly at all…

Please resolve the following:

A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine


Is there a terrordrome thread? How have I never heard of this game?

I don’t know that the story behind it is, but I’m impressed at the time they put into the character models. And they added so many awesome characters. I never expected to load it up and see Ash and the Hellraiser demon, or the guy from he phantasm. The gameplay doesn’t seem to be anything impressive, but it’s still cool to fight as these characters, and they look like they were ripped straight out of the movie.

Use Xpadder or a similar program. It didn’t recognize my 360 controller, so that’s what I did. It’s definitely not as bad as you make it out to be.


I went into fullscreen mode and now I cant get out of fullscreen to get into the options…even when I close and reopen its now in perma full screen. I press esc. and nothing happens.


I got xpadder and configured the buttons got up, down, left, and right to work…now trying to figure out what the buttons are on the keyboard.


To go in and out of fullscreen, you use alt+enter.

And if you configured xpadder, and the controller registers in xpadder, you need to go into the game and configure your keyboard settings with the controller. Make sure there are no conflicts between the 1st and 2nd player.

Lastly, make sure “joystick” isn’t checked in the game options.


ok got some of the buttons working. I have 8 way directonal pad enabled on xpadder but how do i configure down-right and down-left in xpadder? I click to configure it and it brings up the keyboard


Are you saying your stick has 8 buttons instead of 4? I didn’t even know that was a thing. I can’t help you if that’s the case, maybe Xpadder has an option for that. I know with a regular gamepad, you just have to add a d-pad in, and then configure it for 4 keys.

Hope you get it figured out, Xpadder is great thing to have and it seriously helps eliminate controller comparability issues in a lot of games.


yea nevermind just use regualr 4 way and it works.

but now I press x on my gamepad to punch it also punches when I press y even though y is configure for the w.weapon in xpadder. and a key thats not configured which is LB is the key that actually perfroms w.weapon…wtf?

Why is this not more user friendly?


I suspect the you might have confused yourself(something I used to do a lot when I started using xpadder).

It’s simple, just set up your keys to something logical in xpadder, like up/down/left/right 12345678 ESC, and then go into the game and use your gamepad to set up your controls.


I figured it out. In terrordrome options I had to click on joystick and reconfigure the buttons ingame. so it wasn’t xpadder it was the ingame joystick buttons i had to reconfigure. Soo damn confusing.

Took me 3 hours but finally got everything right.


Damn dude, that is a pain lol

Glad you got it working though. I’m grinning the whole time I play the game. The gameplay isn’t that good, but it’s pretty faithful to the movies and lore, and the graphics are cool. I don’t know what the story is with the game’s development, but I’d like to see all the bugs get ironed out.


Yea I hope they make it better its an awesome idea and has alot of potential. I would like to see some graphics options and a way to exit the match without closing the game. Have you tried it online yet?


It has online play? I didn’t know that.


Yea when u install it there should be an icon called terrordrome netplay. And there is a readme file that says “PLACE GAME INI TO INSTALLER FOLDER WILL FIX NETPLAY ISSUES”.