Updating Arcade Versions of Games? kof13?

i don’t know if this is a dumb question because i just started playing fighting games like 3 months ago seriously. Lol
But you know how some moves or characters are broken on arcade versions of games then they release console versions of games later, like in this case Kof13 on 360 and ps3. but i heard alot of stuff was fixed like raidens drop kick for instance. Sooo how do they go about updating older versions of arcade games that were created first before the console versions? or do they just stay broken.

There wasn’t an arcade update announced until a few days ago, but KOF XIII Climax will contain the console changes and will be out in Japan soon on NESiCA Live.

If they release a non-Nesica version, we can grab it here in the states.

What exactly is KoF13 Climax is it the next version like street fighter 4 and "super street fighter 4"
rebalanced and new characters?

So far it’s Console version including the DLC characters and a few tweaks.