Updating Graphics Card Drivers Nvidea Go 6800

Steam has been asking me to update my drivers for awhile now and when I go through everything, downloading the new drivers, removing the old one, running install, I am greeted with a message that goes something like this.

“Nigga it ain’t jack shit new for your card. Quit playin.”

It says that there is nothing for my card. I have Nvidea Go 6800 with the driver version being

And sorry if i’m making little sense. I’m not too good with graphics card mumble jumble. That’s probably why I’m in this pickle (I can still run games fine most of the time).

Take a screencap of the exact error message. That’s not helpful.

^^ ditto.

how can you have a geforce go 6800? i’m checking nvidia’s website and the Go cards were only the 7000 series.


anyway, i personally hate updating when you don’t need to, because that’s when things go wrong. it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

You can get new drivers for the 6800go @ laptopvideo2go.com