Updating memory with PC800 memory cards

I have 512 mb of RAM now. and with the PC800 things it seems like there are 4 connectors and that they are all 128. Now it says i need to install them in pairs. So does that mean i have 4 128 or 2 256. And depending on which ones i have should i get 2 256 or 2 512.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand the part about the connectors that are “128” but I’m guessing you’re referring to regular DDR2 PC800 RAM and that you’re misunderstanding manual a bit. Most likely you can put two different memory modules (given that they are DDR2 PC800) as long as they stay away from each other.
Memory slots are probably coloured differently (in two pairs) to indicate that the same coloured slots are intended for RAM modules working in dual channel mode (this needs the same size and other parameters as you have said).

I hope I explained it clearly.

We aren’t talking PC800 Rambus here are we? If so just get another computer.

yeah i think thats what im going to do since they are 250 a stick or some bullshit.

Sorry if i didn’t explain it cleary it doesn’t really make sense to me since im not computer savy.

Yeah, if it’s RDRAM you should upgrade your motherboard/processor/RAM. This memory was expensive as hell when it was first available and old types of RAM are often actually getting even more expensive as they become rare.