Updating my custom sitck, need your opinion


hi guys, my name is Ramiro and i am from Argentina, i registered today but i have been reading the forum for the last year or so, since i started bulding my joystick. last year i built a custom joystick with some poor-quality buttons(the onlly available in my country) and a sanwa jlf stick:


the problem is theese buttons are way to hard to press and i am thinking of buying some sanwa ones, but is i can’t choose the color and i want to keep the current background. at first i thought of two options i didn’t know if going with all green sanwa buttons or change the balltop and buy red ones. also, maybe combination of both like 6 green and the last 2 red. i am really not sure what fits best the current background, maybe there are other colours i am not considering and could fit great.
i would like to ask for your help and advice on which colour/s would you choose for the 8 top buttons and/or balltop as i know some of you have a lot of experience bulding custom sticks and have great taste in chossing colour combinations and so. thx in advance


are your holes 30mm? They look 28mm to me. Anyway 6 green and 1 red and red ball top is what I would go with.


yeah they are 28mm how did you know? i intend to take them to 30mm with a dremel.


well, i post withthe update. last friday the parts i bought from akihabara shop arrived, and saturday i started filing the holes to let the buttons fit, the result:



Looks good :tup:

How are those new buttons compared to those “poor quality” buttons you had before?


Just to answer this old question even though I’m not rtdzign but I could tell those were 28mm holes as well. After a while you can just tell the difference between 28mm buttons and 30mm buttons. That probably did not help at all, just a random comment.


Well with the picture provided, your buttons looks smaller than the common 30mm buttons, but bigger than 24mm start/select buttons. I would think they are 28mm as well.

Update looks good. :tup:


thx everyone for the comments.

the first thing you notice is they are easier to press becasue they are more sensible (have a better switch and and a softer spring compared to the old ones). i can input combos with more precision due to the fact i don’t have to hit the buttons so hard. i am so glad i changed butttons, this is how all joysticks should feel, those shitty buttons are a complete handicap to anyone’s game, no matter how good or bad you are.