Updating tournament 360's from USB drive


Does anyone know what I need to do in order to do this? I’m hosting a tourney next weekend, and Gamestop is loaning us like 8 360’s for the tourney, but we can’t pick them up until 9 am the day of. Our venue has limited internet so I figured it’d be faster to title update 5 games (SF:AE, UMVC, SFXT, KOF, SG) with a usb drive rather than hooking each console up to the net, putting in each game and updating. It would also be nice if I could install DLC for the games (mainly Shuma/Jill and the KoF DLC chars) from the drive as well. I have an 8 GB USB that I can use. Any suggestions?


You can’t update the games unless there connected to the internet. I saw a video on youtube about doing it on Halo but all the threads I’ve read says you have to be online to do it because the cache is not transferable ,you can only transfer save file on usb. The DLC would have to be purchased for each console.