Upgrade suggestions


I have a Qanba Q4, looking to upgrade my buttons, gate, and stick, but I have no idea where to start and what to get. Which kind of buttons are best to buy? Same question for the gate and stick


Tough question to answer since everyone has a different opinion. I recommend doing a search for comparisons and such, and also recommend posting what sort of games you like to play.

For me, I am a huge fan of the standard Sanwa JLF with Square Gate. Its a classic feel that I learned on and feels best for me. As for buttons I am fan of the new OBS-MX buttons from Paradise Arcade Shop. They are Sanwa housings with custom plungers and Cherry MX mechanical switches.


The q4 already comes with a Sanwa jlf and obsf buttons, so different parts won’t really be an “upgrade” so much as testing different waters to see what you like best.

Personally, I prefer the ls-56 with an octagonal gate, but it’s just that- preference. Other levers beyond the jlf liked around here include the ls-32, the ls-40, the hayabusa, the sanwa jlw (out of production), and much more. Lots of different flavors to try out, and many have multiple mod options avaliable. There are fewer drastically different options for buttons, but still plenty to try.


My personal setups are:
Buttons: OBS-MX on all of them, which switches are for you to pick and pick the one best suited for you.
Joysticks: LS-40, JLW, and Hori Hayabusa with an Optical Gate with a shorter throw are all joysticks I use and love.

Though everything is up to you, there is no objective best. There are son better than others objectively in terms of build quality, but there is no “one fits all” joystick or buttons.


Your Qanba Q4 is already using standard parts. Listen to @PresidentCamacho , he knows his stuff.
Theres no real “upgrade” when the JLF is the gold standard of sticks. Just user preferences on what feels best for you. Some people like a LS-40. Some like the LS-56 (since it can use an Octagon gate).

To be honest, before you run off buying new joysticks. try out a Kowal actuator and an Octagon gate with a 2 LB spring (JLF 2 lb spring or a LS-55 spring, which is like 1.75lb’ish) and see how you like it. I find the JLF with the Kowal actuator and the LS-55 spring and Octagon gate to be much better than the stock stick. The LS-55 spring will feel horribly too stiff at first if you have never used a heavier spring, and may initially tire you out and make you sore, but that’s you needing to build up them muscles :slight_smile: But give it some time. After a week or so you’ll never go back to stock.

The only ‘real’ button upgrades that are worth noting are these:

But they’re unavailable. They’re the buttons on the Hori Hrap4 Kai fightsticks (Hayabusa buttons) and some people like them and swear by them compared to the Sanwa buttons, but you have to hope you get lucky and find them in stock. They’re very similar, just have a different feel.


I have sticks with different setups (see signature), but my favourite one to play on is my full Seimitsu Atrox. LS56 square gate, PS14KNs, PS14DNKs. I like the stiffness of the buttons and stick. Just my opinion


You really do have to try them to see if it works for you, but for me personally, my favorite is the ls-56 with octagon gate. I prefer the firm spring and I like the seimitsu octagon gates a lot. I also use mine with the short throw mod. My buttons are the ps14s, I find sanwa buttons to be a little too sensitive for me so I like the activation force that these buttons have.