Upgraded prices

How much is it going to cost me to upgrade a Street Fighter 4 Arcade FightStick button and joy stick to the high end ones. Reason for this is because the ones it has feel dirty cheap feeling to them.

Upgrading the SE with sanwa parts?

about 50 bucks

And thats if you do it yourself right? what if i pay someone to do it for me how much work is involved? 20$ smoke him out?. grab a bite to eat ?

Dude, please say you’re in central pa. You buy the parts and forget the cash end, but do the rest and i’ll teach ya how. (smoke + food is the KEY payment method for anything stick related :wink:

(…at least for me, cant speak for EVERYone here :p)

Nah Im In Sothern California, San bernadino county, Fontana would have been cool tho I am going to LA tonight and try to buy the parts. And i am still looking for someone to install them I messaged someone form here but still no reply.

Its 50$ plus about 45 minutes of your time. (Just read the guides)

Btw if you plan on putting new stuff in it you should consider customizing it at the same time.

5$ for new art.

Grand total of 55$ (Plus stick price) for a custom fightstick with high end parts.
Just Sayin.

Fontana?! Awesome… 909. I am seriously crap with electronics, but apparently, some pliers and screwdrivers are really all you need.
It is pretty simple from the videos posted here.

Yea know any places where I can get the art?

Yea 909 wanna do it for me? lol

Oddly enough, I am really good at photoshop… if you need help with techniques or something, PM me.
Download the template, work on the art, print it up… seems pretty simple!

i want to change the graphic on my stick :frowning:

In the same boat right now, just picked up a brawl stick and haven’t even used it yet. Planning on upgrading the parts and dual modding it and of course changing the art. Where’s the best place to buy a jlf at?

I would recommend buying parts from Focusattack.com. I am located in the SoCal area for people to may need help.

focusattack seems sold out of the jlf’s at the moment. how about the seimitsu ls58’s? Whats the difference and is it a drop in replacement like the jlf?

It does drop in as a replacement. When you replace it, though, you will need to turn the five-pin connector upside-down from what it was plugged into the original stick, because Seimitsu pins are upside-down of Sanwa pins on the PCB of their respective joysticks, and the SE joystick is based off of the Sanwa JLF, and the pins are the same as a JLF.

It has a bit of a different spring, throw, engage, just general “feeling.” It’s still better than the stick you have now, though it’s not the “favorite” of the community, which is the JLF. There’s nothing wrong in trying it, but if you’d rather have that authentic TE feel, then wait for the JLFs to restock.

Awesome thanks for the info Nerrage, I’m gonna wait for the jlf