UPLOADED 3 -Aug-30th-08- Rio Grande Valley Fighters Tournament Results!

Well it was an ok turnout for the tourney since it was short notice, GG’s to all the Peeps that came for the tourney and supported the scene down here in south texas and here are the results.

SSBB: 21 entrants


Streetfighter 3rd Strike: 11 entrants


Mexico Took 3s like OMFG

Super StreetFighter 2 Turbo: 7 people


Marvel Vs Capcom 2: 18

  1. Julio
  2. Daniel
  3. Johnathan
  4. James

Shout Outs To the CC crew for doing their best in representing their scene, you guys did ok in the tourney, but did awesome in MM’s, fonzo next time bro, brian, keep practing and watch out for reflys lo, bignasty GG’s,

JD: Teach me how to play 3s,

Luiz: Stop Chain smoking girl

Julio: Told ya you were gonna win

Daniel: GG’s

Johnny Boy: Just Like ol times bro lol,

To everyone else GG’s and hopefully to see everyone again or even more peeps, peace out

GGs. Bad sticks for the win. I still had fun though, good games everyone.

Onion: maaan, that makes me want a smoke now.

:rofl: ya 4 sure … james it was kool to see yall again … ya MMs for big money . big bills BABY:woot:

James: we really have to sit dwn and throw a beast session …

thanks max_85, next time u guys throw down a tourney i will be there for sure and for some MM.

Im a US citizen actually
anyway, good games

I own 3s, 4th place was some dude named Ray I think (no not the Lets Play Manager) although that wouyld be fun if he would pwn us all on some game :rofl:

GGs everyone i played, tourney was fun, too bad the turnout was small but as usual fun and cool to see peeps.

BTW why i always have to face my peeps from Reynosa in 3s :confused:, once again peaced out by ratdash :arazz:

can i have the top8 for brawl so i can post it in SWFs character rankings thread?

GG’s to everyone i played. Gotta get ready for SB!!

damn gg’s to the CC crew too bad i got 2nd :tdown:

lol man onion stop putting julio .
i fucken hate my name

thats right burgers u got 2nd place.

anywho good games all

fonzo duex i gotta rematch u guys.

Where are the videos?