Uploaded a video with the new youtube function and it got copyright flagged


so i used the youtube feature to upload a fight that had gouken and it got flagged for having his theme…like what? has anyone else had any youtube issues from this?


Did you monetize it?


not at all i don’t even know how you go about that

edit:i did dispute the copyright claim and it went away its just wierd that it did it in the first place oh wait its the copyright claim thing is still pending but yah its just wierd


Really just anyone can complain and shut your video down for a while. Google doesn’t care about the content providers, they know anyone providing content to youtube isn’t rich enough to sue.


Google actually uses bots to check/listen to any video that is uploaded. If it contains copywriter material, it gets pulled… automatically. It can take months to get a video restored.

The company that owns the rights to the music in Street Fighter IV has a deal with Google.


It depends on what the material is. Usually my videos just get muted automatically instead of taken down. Most of those are my Project Spark videos because the game features a Linkin Park song that everybody wants to use in their games.


I’m pretty sure you can dispute that as it is part of the game, but its normally the safe route to avoid any licensed music altogether. Like when uberhaxornova does a free roam game playthrough such as saints row or GTA, he turns the car station to classical since that stuff isn’t copyright. Some just turn music volume all the way down in options and overlay their own shit instead. You gotta do some editing


There’s your problem.


I got it! THE GUY YOU BEAT FLAGGED YOU!!! Saltiness taken to a whole new level!



It happened to me as well. I had to turn off the character themes and just use stage themes to avoid this issue:


Yup same thing happened on one of my old videos, got flagged for Ryu’s theme.


I uploaded over thirty of my matches, and they didn’t do shit. Ha ha!