Uploaded One Year Anniversary results

Well Uploaded Had its one yr tourney and it was fun, wish more people came to this but not bad for i guess another last min. thing

SSBB: 16 Entrants


Marvel Vs Capcom 2: 16 entrants lol

  1. TOAN(beast) mss, mip(lol) santhrax
  2. luiz(Toans Ambassador) msp,mss,santhrax
    3.Hamm(Toans Training Dummy For random Shit) combofiend,santhrax

StreetFighter 3: Third Strike: 9 entrants

  1. Toan(TOO GOOD) Chun li
  2. Nican-Makato
    3.???, dont know some one tell me lol

Super StreetFighter 2 Turbo: 13 Entrants

1.Nican- Ryu, ken
2.Sir_arthur- Balrog, Dhalsim
3.Alex-Chun li

Shout Outs

Motherfucking Toan, Thanks for coming bro to our tourny down here, hope you had fun and try to come next time in the near future, next time though for reals we’ll play for big money lol, and upgrade from tacos to a Whataburger bro lol, but Good luck and MAKE DAT MONEY SON IN OHIO


Shizuma_15- I done told you, you lost the tourny so pay up:wink: lol

Hamm, WOW AT THE ASSIST COMBO, just goes to show you that you put marvel on another level of play lol

J.D- never put your money on burgers from now on lol

NOA- GG’s next time lets try to get some games in


Majik- remember to get dat money for brawl!

Monkeyspank- Thanks for making me like the easiest money in da wurld lol

Brian- Keep up your play for scrub, its getting good like big time


To everyone else thanks for coming to the tourny and it was fun, hope to see more people in the near future, BTW FREE CUPCAKEES FTW


luiz- next time you will get at least 1 win, you go girl!

hamm- plz conjure up a comboing system. randommmmmmmmmmm, thanks for holding the tourney, it was mad fun

noa- you got a solid mss, thanks for the hype, shit was mad serious…SCOLIOSIS!! breakin that back!

JD- chun li is cheap and imma scrub

nican- your mak is scary

ratdash- que? me morrigan es mucho miedo?

burgers- thanks for losing my money :smiley:

james- you got a solid magnus, keep it up, i want some lanqua tacos

alex- play slower and have a mind game man, your im is good though.

anybody else i forgot to mention, good games.

great tourney as usual, good to see more people than last one, ST i getting a lvl up

luis - very very solid Chun, almost took me out twice ggs

dj - next time dude, we need to take nican down !! good to see you

hamm - keep it up, your doing better every time

jd - good to see you again, but what happened in 3s!!

everyone else ggs, and see you at BatB 2.5 arcade ! yeah :woot:

I was the guy in the marvel shirt haha. But i wanted to play u more toan oh well. GG’s. I got 4th and onion thanks for losing my dollar =).

sorry toan :sad:

i was getting fucked up 24-7 it wasnt combat time for me sadly:shake:

gg’s to all though :bgrin:

good shit Toan/fonzo

Word up, shit was fun. Was my first tourney in a long time, glad to see everyone there. Hopefully school won’t re-fly me too much to where I wont be able to play, but maybe next time I’ll make Loser or Winner finals and try to make it interesting.

Congrats to all who placed.

I wanna see more of that back breaking, dilophasaurus spiting Sentinel.

My chunny will be back and better hopefully. Nice balrog, did that super twice on me to take me out. Damn that did like 3quarters damage!ouch!

I had a blast toan and thanks for the advice. I wont mess up on my resets next time. I messed up on basic stuff. Your a hella of a player. Keep it up.

I want to play marvel!!!

damn. JD so called best yun in the south and 3s player got beasted:woot:!!! did he even place? must see vids of toan getting jd with back fierce!:wgrin:


:rofl: You havent seen it and you already know it was Back fierce :rofl:
How come you dont say shit when I win uh?? :arazz:
Fucking hater

anyway, yeah I got beasted, just wasnt my day, I got 4th, lost to Makoto, however my record with toan is 1-1 He got me on this one but I got him on San Antonio so leave me alone hater Im still better than you :lovin: :lovin:
J.D 3s Remember :rofl:

See you guys at BATB I’ll practice more this time promise :wgrin:

Oh BTW, WTF Wrote J.D 3some on my car???
My father was like WTF when he saw it :rofl:


:rofl::rofl: oh shit this made me laugh so hard.



but does toan even play 3s? I thought his main game was marvel?