Uploading DVD's on to PC


I know how to upload on to my PC…

But it’s uploading in Parts like

VTS_02_2 and on

How can I fix that??

I want to upload Transformers the Movie on my PC from my DVD, but I don’t want it in Parts

What is a good Program??

I’m using DVD Decrypter…I want it 1 IFO File


That is the native format of the DVD if you want it as one file you can rip it or package it into an .iso and play it with a program like VLC Player. Otherwise the only option left is to encode it into a new format.

I use MeGUI to encode it into a MKV file encoded with H264 for video and AAC for audio. It reduces the file size by 4/5 and keeps the quality visually the same. The only loss is no longer do I have DVD menus or the ability to play it on a normal DVD player, but thats ok I will never use a DVD player again and dont care about menus.


To play it on GOM player, I have a Video Converter…

I tried DVD Ripper, But it only does it up to 5 mins & has water marks on it…

Anything free that I could rip without the watermarks & being Limit to 5 mins (free trail)


I personally like DVDFab, its a paid program but the dvd rip portion of it is free with no limits. (unless that has changed recently I see they have a new version out) it used to be a stand alone program but now its just part of there suite and kinda hidden as its not called “rip dvd” but rather DVD to DVD and what that means is it keeps the original DVD structure/files but it actually rips it to your HDD (or directly to another DVD but that feature would be part of the paid program, while to the HDD is free)

DVD Decrypt was great when it was supported but its ages old now and will fail to remove several of the newer copy protections. Any DVD was stacked with it to get around that issue but I found DVD Fab to not only never fail to rip a DVD and its protection but it was the only one that let me do simple things like rip only the main movie and only the audio tracks or subtitles I wanted.

This saves considerable time ripping and hard disk space.


I have Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate 5

But everytime I rip just the movie part, There’s no audio


anyone …


CloneDVD is good, and has a 21 day free trial. While you’re busy downloading things from SlySoft, you’ll want to grab VirtualCloneDrive so that you can mount .iso files in Windows.


I’m downloading DVDfab to try it out

Now a Diff question…

I just want to copy the Movie from the DVD…just the Title Only to convert it to AVI … I have Prism Video Converter to convert it to any format I want…

I also have a DPG converter to play it on the R4


Don’t mess with all that other stuff.

Just join the vob files, leave out the VTS_01_0 cause that’s usually a menu. Run the command like this.

copy /b VTS_01_1.vob + VTS_01_2.vob + VTS_01_3.vob WHOLE_MOVIE.vob

Then encode it to whatever format you want with whatever program you wanna use, I use FFMPEG, it’s command like and takes some learning but it’s quick.