Uploading matchs to Youtube from fraps.. (best quality)

Im uploading some of my matchs to youtube in case of a crash and to free up some battle log slots.

When FRAPs has finished the files are like 4GB each. Whats the best way to convert these to smaller files and still maintain a good quality.

YogaFlame24 replays on his channel seem really good. Hows he do it?

Streaming and Recording Guide

i use a program called xilisoft video converter and i get up to 1080p but i only use 720 you can check my signature to see my vids

usually a video eiditing softward takes care of all of that for you.

Ive tried a couple of video editing software… my 4GB files get down to 125MB but the quality isnt anywhere near as good as YogaFlame24s on Youtube…