Uploading video after online match

Hello all. Not new to SF but after winning online matches I get the option ‘Upload video?’. I always hit yes but where the hell does it go? Cheers!

to the replay channel, destined to be viewed by judgmental weridos like me!

I went to an arcade a couple days ago that had a console set up that was set on the replay channel all day, it was kinda cool.

also, you jump too often.

Aha! I didnt know if the replay channel just picked random matches, it is all clear now thanks bud!

Sorry, but I still don’t understand how Replay Channel works, I’ve never really bothered to use it, I’ve seen some replays of random people in it, is that all that you see? I just generally have no clue how it works. I feel stupid, but I never bothered to check.

I mash, do really retarded stuff and just generally fuck around when I play online.

Makes me worry that people will see me on there and think that’s actually how I play.

I need two beers before I play online, otherwise my heart rate goes mental and I totally panic play :rofl:

It’s just impossible to actually play with the lag of online. It’s a waste of time to even try.

You just have to stick to your own state and it’s fine, though I guess it’s harder for people in larger countries to find unlaggy games as ‘region’ only filters by your country. As an example I (in the UK) tend to get 2-3 frames of lag when playing others also from the UK, which is perfectly acceptable (for online), I can still hit 1 frame links, don’t get mashed out of blockstrings and the only small issue I have is reacting to things with really tight timing (e.g. hit confirming sb > super from fullscreen), but those are all things that will never work online and I just take as “doesn’t work”… However when I play people in Germany (for example), which I guess is a similar distance to two players in the US on average, instantly a lot of my game just doesn’t work, I get punished for things where I should be the one punishing and I get mashed out of blockstings… it’s still ‘playable’ but really far from ideal.

I’ve played you and that’s kind of what you did against me. :lol:

It all makes sense now.

I’d actually like to play some serious matches with you at some point.

I thought it automatically uploaded everyone’s videos after their match. Guess I was wrong.

Im the same fuckin’ way when I play online. Lag is a bitch and it ruins the game. Playing online and offline is like playing two different games.

op - When you upload your games they go to the New Videos section I think. Its the box in the uper right hand conrner when you go to the replay chanel iirc. The list moves really fast so if you wanna see your videos go to the box rigth below it to see all your match replays.

The upload system is actually exceedingly wonky, beating an opponent in the same class as you gets you the green film icon (Level 1), then doing it again gets you the yellow film icon (Level 2). If while you have Level 2 activated you fight against an opponent who also has Level 2, that match becomes eligible to be uploaded by the victor. Losing matches sets you back to the default film icon.

…unless you say you don’t want to upload, then the icon stays with you until you next fight another person with level2 upload status.

Non-uploaded matches from endless battle also appear in the replay channel, and at a guess these are from the most recent matches lists of all people in the replay channel.

Who was I playing?

Had a game earlier today with you hawkinsT, you’re seth is damn good! i shouldnt have been randoming! woulda been nice to have a few games

Cheers, GG. If you want to play again just send me a friend request, would be nice to get some Juri experience in (I take it she’s your main), am yet to play one that knows what to do (other than just spam that flying leg kick in the hopes it will work).

I can’t remember. It’s been a coupe days. I was playing Dee Jay though.