Uppercut AV request

Can someone make me an avatar with Ryu from mvc2 on the left and dudley from 3rd strike on the right doing there uppercut moves in the air facing each other and in the middle have cammy doing her reverse shaftbreaker super where shes spinning straight up into the air in the middle of there fists…but the kind in cvs 2 not in mvc2 cuz in mvc2 she has that blue shit all around her legs and it looks all ugly so fuk dat.

plz? someone help. :frowning:

Its not gonna happen, if you had read the sticky, you would see that 3s stuff is rare and full animations are nearly impossible to get. Therefore your request as it is now has no chance of getting done in the near future.

Request something a little more sane, you arent even a premium member.

i dont want them in full animations, they can be a still picture if need be, and if dudley is out of the question cuz hes the only one from 3rd strike im asking for, then he can be replaced with Sagat.

plz? somebody? ;-;

anyone at all? plz help