Uppercut (c.mp) question

I’ve seen videos and what not of people doing, c.mp(2hit), c.mp(1hit) xx super.

My question is, is that character specific? And what’s a good way to time it?

Apologies if it’s been answered/discussed already.

It works against everybody, but it’s tighter on some characters than others.

Must be some super tight ass timing.

Cause I can’t get it, ever. :frowning:

Are you walking forward a little (after the 2 hit uppercut)?


I get it once in awhile. But more once than in awhile.


If you are using Tengu you are probably better off just canceling the second hit of the first close mp than trying to walk up re-launch. Easy easy hit confirm.

Walk up re-launch is important if you are going for unblockables, though.

Yeah, I mostly use sa2.

Trying to learn every unblockable setup possible. So I can mix shit up.