Upping My MvC3 Game


Hello fellow Shoryukenites, iHog here wanting to know how I can better my MvC3 game. This is my first Vs. game ever taking serious, and I’m somewhat confident in my playing skill. I get good, convincing wins, and horrible, overtaken losses. However, I’m needing some friendly advice on a few subjects.

  1. What goes into a good team? Characters you’re comfortable playing? Assists?

  2. When is the proper time to throw out assists?

  3. So my team, as it stands, is Dante(purple guitar beam assist…forgot name)/Amaterasu(Shooting blue ice assist…forgot name)/Sentinel(three rockets assist…forgot name). Dante was my first character played, and I’m most confident in him. Amaterasu is my personal favorite character in the game and I’m somewhat confident in her. Sentinel is…well…Sentinel. Need I say more? I’m a total noob “jumping frying pan hyper combo” kind of Sentinel. I have no clue what dynamics goes into a team, so if someone could critique this team I’d be glad.

  4. When is the proper time to call out assists? I rarely, and I mean rarely call out my assists. Probably once or twice a game max. I’d say 60% of the time my assisted character gets caught in a deathly combo :frowning: I’ve read that assists are a major part of this game and I’d like to know how to properly use them.


Your questions are pretty much covered by the sticky in the marvel section. Give it a go if you haven’t read it yet.



it’s kinda tough to answer #1 because it really about being confident in playing all three of your characters. as far as assist goes, you should definitely be using them a lot more than a couple times in a game.

one way to properly use your assist is by trying to incorporate them into your combos or to help you through a certain strategy. dante’s guitar assist is a great way to continue a combo because i believe his assist is OTG. i don’t use ammy much but her ice assist helps keep away your opponent and even capitalize on it if your opponent doesn’t block. i’m very decent with sentinel as well but sentinel’s drone assist is a great keepaway assist and can also be an amazing assist to do cross ups.

just off the top of my head, if you’re playing dante… you could call the sentinel’s drone assist and once they are coming out, you can use dante’s teleport in order to teleport behind the button to cross him up and start up a dante combo. pretty much, assists should help you maximize your play. everyone can get caught with supers when calling out an assist, but as long as you scout some tactics you notice your opponent doing, you’ll know when to call them out at the right time.