Uprating my stick

hey guys 1st post so Hi…

A kind of tech question
im upgrading my hori ex2 so far its been great but after playing on a mates sanwa one ive decided its time to rip it apart…

After flicking through the forums its clear that im going for an 8 way JLF stcik and sanwa buttons, ive come up with a quick mock up of the new art work too but im unsure of what colour buttons to go for?

black? red? white? or grey? plz can i have you opinions thankyou :slight_smile:

Red or Grey (Dark Hai) would look good. Take your template into Photoshop/Paint.net/Gimp and fill in the button holes with different colors. The last person who asked what colors to used go thoroughly flamed.

I would use dark hai, or maybe white for contrast.

I second Dark Hai.

Dark hai.

Dark Hai - my favorite Sanwa button color!

I’d say white just for the contrast.

Seimitsu PS-15-KN (red).
You know you want to.

I like white!

I’ll go with white too for a nice contrast and “cleaner” look.

o_0 thnx rtdzign
looking at them like that i think im going to go with dark hai
with a white stick ball

next question is if im ordering the right parts

  1. Sanwa OBSF - 30 snap in buttons x6
  2. GT-Y 8 way restrictor plate
  3. Sanwa Joystick JLF-TP-8YT

what else will i need?
microswitches or anything?

Red or Dark Hai. Anything less, would be uncivilized.

Points for the old Charles Barclay right-guard commercial quote.

Do not, I repeat do NOT choose both red and green if there is a remote possibility that you have this kind of color blindness. I’m red/green colorblind, and whenever these colors are mixed or very close to each other they go all flashy and woshy on me :wink:

Christmas must kick ass for you (assuming traditional Christmas colors in Norway are the same as they are over here).

Oh LuckyDay, its really horrible. Last christmas I ended up with no gifts because I couldnt find any.