Upscale question

I have a 40inch samsung 720p tv, and a nice monster HDMI cable for my ps3. If i’m playing ps2 games on my ps3 with the HDMI is there upscale lag? Do I have to switch to comp cables for ps2 games?

in theory no, since it does the upscaling within the ps3 itself when drawing the frame.

I could be wrong though.

Thats what i was thinking, the ps3 does the upscale not the tv. But if anyone knows for sure that would be great

Switching to component isn’t going to make a difference either way, if it lags over HDMI it’ll lag with component.

I read lag is worse over HDMI than component (for 480i content). I’m pretty sure fubarduck’s verified that. Mayyybe this changes with upscaling but I thought it was still an issue. If no one else posts up for sure, I’ll try to find a link for you.

But yeah, it will lag either way. Get a refund on that monster cable if you still can btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a thread to peruse,

Still need my monster cable for my ps3 games >_>

ps3 BC lags regardless of what is being used. best off using a ps2.

and shame on you if you spent way too much money on a monster hdmi cable. cheap $10 cable = $100 cable (its a digital signal) =)

So how do I use my ps2 on my hdtv and not lag from my tv’s upscaling without spending a bunch of cash?

You don’t, you use an SDTV.

First of all: A lot of Samsung HDTVs lag no matter what, due to built-in postprocessing. You can test whether your TV is affected by this:

Hook up your PS2 with Component cables and Guitar Hero II
Go to the video options and enable Progressive Scan
Perform the “HDTV Lag” test
if you have 10ms or less, you can play 480p and 720p with no lag
If you have more than 10ms, you don’t know anything yet

Hook up an X360 with Component cables and Guitar Hero II
Enable 720p
Perform test
If you have 10ms or less, you can play at 720p with no lag
If you have more than 10ms, your HDTV will lag no matter what, use an SDTV or buy a non-Samsung HDTV

If you are willing to spend money, an iScan VP30 will eliminate all upscaling lag if your TV does not lag with 720p signals, and for a lot less an XRGB-2+ will fix it if your TV does not lag 480p signals.

Of course, you could have just done a search and read the tons of similar threads and guides that have already outlined these exact instructions. I highly suggest that everyone do so before making such large investments!

The PS3 will always lag on PS2 BC on both Component and HDMI, because the PS3’s upscaling lags by 2 frames. You can play PS2 BC lag-free with a PS3 on an SDTV only (because then, the PS3’s upscaling is turned off). You can turn off the PS3 upscaling over Component on an HDTV, but then the HDTV will lag the signal rather than the PS3.