Upset Ken

Ken showing his most emotional state. IF ryu die, this is all he’ll show.

is he gay? Shotos dont cry!

nice drawing btw :tup:

Maybe Eliza just told him she was pregnant? :rofl:

Very nice pic.

Interesting, like those sketching lines
painting is ok too

eh, what up Dread? Long time no post. I think it looks pretty good. I don’t know about the neck though, looks funny. Wtf is Phong Nguyen? Did you steal this from somebody? For shame…

Phong Nguyen is me man! I’m a distinc relative of SFMC.

EDIT: I just removed the line and did more coloring. I’m not ready for it yet, removing the lines i mean :frowning:

Ah, that’s better. I did not know you and SFMC where of kin. Im gonna go ahead and ashume that drawing flows heavily in that fam.

Are you guys really related? Or am i just slow.

Anyway nice sketch and nice colouring… I agree with Deonysios the second version is much better!

It is true he is my adopted brother from Vietnam. Sorry i didn’t tell you guys earlier. Good drawing my brother i like the second one better.

I like the 2nd pic better too. It looks more like Ken than the first. Neck could be a bit thicker, imho.
DFist… you’re really coming into your own, man. keep drawing!


I know why he’s cryin’, Sean & Ryu are havin’ an affair.