Upstate NY 2/27 Results

Thanks to everyone who came out, hopefully the rides back beat the snow coming tonight.

T6 Results - 21 entrants

  1. Lingmassacre - Upstate
  2. Zzy - Upstate
  3. Polish Mafia - Upstate

SF4 Results - 22 entrants

  1. Jug - Buffalo
  2. Jeff P - Buffalo
  3. Grifter - Rochester

#1 in NCAA Mens College Basketball - SYRACUSE

Was a great time. I especially liked watching Jug rep Vega. :smiley:

Thanks for the free Hori V3 in that wildcard, I appreciated it :slight_smile:

great tourny, especially the food afterwards

TvC results (6 entrants):

Round-robin, winner takes all.
Winner: PolishMafia (2-1 vs. ZtS, 2-0 vs. zzy, 2-0 vs. Kyo45, 2-0 vs. Bullhorn, 2-0 vs. ArcticFahx. Near-perfect sweep.)
Zero the Shadow

gs jug! you takin tournies with vega?!