Upstate NY Events - Where U @!?


Hi, I’m from the Albany area of upstate NY and want to get in on some tournament action,
anybody know whats going down this August ?

I’ve been checking the Events section and found one in Syracuse, Pool Hall Brawl, but
I don’t think its active anymore.

I’ve been practicing like crazy and am totally freekin sick of online and really want to
battle it out in real time, so if anyone’s got some good infos can you please let me know.



Theres a dustbowl a month or so after TTT2 is out. Were also planning on something in albany after tekken drops as well.

We play every week at a video game store in troy

join the group on stop by on thursdays


I live in Utica Area, If there are enough people I would be willing to go down for casuals.


Good news. Most defly be there soon. Thanks.