Upstate NY Major: Showdown at the Sheraton! 9/11 - 912. SSFIV, Tekken 6, BB:CS, ext


**Upstatefighting, the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel, and E-Gamer’s exchange bring you the first true major in Upstate New York fighting game history.

Team Spooky has been kind enough to come up and stream this event so get hype this whole tournament will be streamed.

September 11th and 12th, 2010

What games?
Super Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6
BlazBlue Continuum Shift
Rock, Paper, Scissors.

**Guaranteed Pot? **
-$300 Guaranteed for Tekken with potential for more if we receive over 150 pre-registers.

-$400 Guaranteed for Street Fighter with potential for more if we receive over 150 pre-registers.

How much to register per game?
$15 for Tekken and Street Fighter to ensure a bigger overall pot.
$10 for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
$1 Rock, Paper, Scissors

What’s the venue fee?
$15 Venue fee for Pre-Registration
$20 at the Door
$10 Viewing fee

**Where? **
Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel
801 University Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210

The Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel has a secure attached parking garage for your use. If you pre-register, parking is only $5 a day. If you fail to pre-register, the price will be $8. There is limited street parking so we suggest you take advantage of this offer.

**How do I pre-register? **
Pre-Registration is up! Sorry for the delay.
We will contact you through E-mail if you wish to take advantage of the E-gamer’s Trade in Offer bellow.

Trade in your used games for Game Registration?! E-Gamers Offer!
All people who pre-register save money on the venue fee AND will have access to special offer through E-Gamers exchange. We are allowing those who pre-register to trade in their used or unwanted Video Games to E-gamers Exchange. This exchange will replace or be substracted from their Game Refistation Fee, debating on the value of the game. Just let us know when you pre-register if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Also those who pre-register:

**Hotel Arrangements: **
Call the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel at 1-800-395-2105 and ask about the special room rates for the Showdown at the Sheraton tournament.
Rooms cost $95 a night but come with Free Wireless Internet, TVs that are console compatible, access to a swimming pool, and discounted breakfast buffet.

What else? Side Tournaments, Casuals, MM, Dedicated Room?!
The tournament will be taking place on the second floor in one of the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel’s Grand Ballrooms. We will also have an entire extra room dedicated to casual games and other matches for the purpose of not interfering with the tournament itself. Also in this room you will be allowed to run any number of side tournaments you wish. For example, whether you want to throw a Melty Blood tournament or a Guilty Gear one you can, but please understand that your tournament will take a back seat to any of the major ones. In addition, the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel is right next to the Syracuse University Campus! College town all the way. The sheraton is only a block away from Marshall Street which is a strip in Syracuse with bars, restaurants, and places to hang out!

What’s the format?

Tekken 6:BR singles: $15 Registration
Pot Split 65/25/10 +Extra $300 to ??? if we have 150+ people
Best of 5 Rounds,
Best of 3 Games except in Losers and Winners where it is best of 5, and Grand Finals best of 7.
Double Elimination
Regular and Regional Seeding to ensure a well run Tournament.

Super SFIV singles: $15 Registration
Pot Split: 70/20/10 +Extra $400 to ??? if we have 150+ people
Best of 3 Rounds,
Best of 3 Games except in Grand Finals best of 5.
Double Elimination.
Regular and Regional Seeding to ensure a well run Tournament.

BlazBlue: CS singles: $10 Registration
Pot Split: 65/25/10
Best of 3 Rounds
Best of 3 Games except in Losers and Winners where it is best of 5, and Grand Finals best of 7.
Double Elimination.
Regional Seeding to ensure a well run Tournament.

Rock Paper Scissors: $1 Registration
Winner Take All!
Best of 3 Games until Winners, Losers, and Grand where it is Best of 5 Games.
Regional Seeding is available

Street Fighter Teams: $30 Registration
Pot Split: 70/30
Best of 2 Rounds
Best of 3 games Pokemon Style, until Winners’, Losers’, and Grand when it is 6.
Character Locked.
(What does Pokemon Style mean? It means you can constantly switch your order up. You are not locked into first second or third)

Any other game you want to run.

Schedule- (Subject to change)

Sign ins start at 12:00PM(Noon)
Street Fighter will start at 2:30PM
Tekken will start at 4:30PM
BlazBlue: CS will start a 6:30PM

Sign ins again start at 12:00PM (Noon)
Street Fighter Teams starts at 1:30PM
BlazBlue: CS Top 4 to 8 depending on # of entrance
Street Fighter Teams Top 4
Tekken singles Top 8
Street Fighter singles Top 8


sup tony. upstate hit me/teamspooky up sometime


Tony, and I, along with the rest of the Upstate crew are trying to give everyone the east coast tournament the deserve, and want. There will be a stream, and girls dressed as your favorite tekken characters, along with everything else you could ever want to do. Don’t overlook this one…It’ll be big.


This is in a great part of town for late night shenanigans with the girls from SU. Gaming all day then literally a 2 minute walk from 10 college town bars.


Definitely going to be a great tournament. Upstate is probably the friendliest scene around, and still very competitive. And like others have posted, right in a college area, so plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from for relaxation between days, as well as museums if you’re so inclined.

Polish and Zero also run very well-organized tournaments (I should know, I go to the tournaments up here), and are very good with making sure instructions are disseminated properly.


I didn’t even think of that. Another incentive!


Hope people aren’t sleepin on this tournament…Thinkin about adding in another $300 for SF4 if we see more interest…but I need more Hype!!


5 hour drive from nyc… hm not sure about this one


4 hours from here to Manhattan… plus mega bus goes for sumthin stupid…like 35 bucks round trip… very much worth it for considering you can use your old games as $$ for the game fee…Hope you can consider making it up here.


Ill definately consider it


I’m considering going there as well. I’ll most likely drive up there. If anyone wants to pool with me, hit me up with a pm. We can split the costs of gas/food or what not.


This tourney sounds good. I’m definitely going.


Guh. 4 hours. I’ll try!


Let me assure everyone that this tournament is nothing but class. The facility we are being allowed to use is second only to EVO at Ceaser’s Palace. The TVs in the rooms will allow everyone to bring their own console and hook it up in their room as they please which is a rarity at most hotels and the venue is literally 10 feet away from tons of places to get food and hang out when the tournament is not going on.

Plus this is the only tournament where you will be able to trade in your used games for registration. Want to enter BlazBlue or Tekken just for kicks but don’t have the cash? Then just trade in some used games.

We really hope everyone will give this tournament a try so we can continue to put on bigger and bigger events in the future making the Showdown series a huge deal with big guaranteed pots and the like.


I’ll be there guys! :karate:


xbox 360 or ps3?


Mostly will run on PS3…but I can have at least 2 xboxs there upon requests


YO. This sounds mad tight. Me and a couple boys might make this from boston. When’s the registration gunna be up?


Registration should be up soon. Everyone make sure to keep this on your calendar.


Pre-reg is coming in the next few days…Keep your eyes open…AND PLAY MORE BLAZ BLUE !!