UpState NY thread


There is no compatiion here…Is anyone near albany that is actually good and will to get some matches in


I just moved up to ballston lake. where is a 3s cab? I mostly play 3s and alpha3.


I too live in Ballston Lake…small world. There is no cab but we could meet and have casuals on a system, Xbox or PS2.


so there isnt any arcades around With any street fighter


…nope. We do go to 8 On The Break (NJ) once in a great while though. How old are you?


Im 26. Ive been to the break afew times but its alittle far now to go and play without planning a trip.


there hasn’t been any arcades in upstate ny for almost 10 years.

i know these cats. their setup is bomb. i m there once in a while, but theres only 4 of us that play 3s


Dopey, you know anybody else from around here?


The nearest 3s cab you can find in upstate NY is in Poughkeepsie, and that’s a 2.5 hour drive from here, next stop would be Danbury, CT where they have cvs2 cabs (one in the mall and one in a new arcade that opened up) and one 3s cab (only in the mall, japanese cab)…yeah I’m in Saratoga Springs…trying to move back to Poughkeepsie, been here for five months and I hate it here. Haven’t played anyone in anything for a while except for random times when I go back home to play people. Looks like it’s my lucky day, be nice to play some more people before I retire.


yeah I’m in Saratoga Springs…trying to move back to Poughkeepsie, been here for five months and I hate it here. quote]

Can’t blame ya, it sucks here. We could def. get some casuals in though.



I’m still in shock that there are actually people in this area that plays…I pretty much gave up on this whole town for anything.

How did you guys end up here, being here makes me feel like I ended up in a new Saw movie.


Haha I’ve lived here my whole life actually. Same shit every day kind of town. We should set up casuals some weekend that everybody here can come :tup: .


What like the two people that play this game :lame: but im down anyway…:clap:

Ya ive lived here my whole like to :lame:


Yeah I’m definitely down for playing some casuals with anyone, just have to figure out my schedule. Which games do you guys focus on? I honestly haven’t touched sf in a while due to lack of anyone to game with…all I’ve been doing is messing around with sc3.


Third Strike, Champion Edition, SSBM, a little CvS2 I guess. But yeah mostly SF haha. SC3… I assume thats Socom 3? Never played any of those haha.

Somebody just pointed out that SC3 is soul calibur III, my bad haha. But no i do not partake in that or any 3D fighters for that matter actually…sorry.


No prob. I was a 3s freak and I still give it a go every now and then, love it to death.

Yeah sc3 is the only 3d game I’m dabbling with, used to be into tekken but that scene keeps dying.




So how’s everyone’s schedule looking for this week? I have time off for the rest of the week until I have to go back to work.:sad:


Busy this week/weekend sorry :tdown: . Maybe the next? Where are we going to do this anyway?


ive been to danbury mall arcade a few times scince they got 3s. the only 3s cab i know of in potown is one that the screen is all jacked up and broke joysticks. I can play at night and on the weekend but this weekend im going back to peekskill to take care of stuff i didnt do before i moved.