Upstate Ny Tourney 4/25

Carousel Mall in Syracuse. 5pm

NEW VENUE Inside Golf Shack back game-room., next door to arcade.

$5 venue fee
$10 T5 DR
$10 Street Fighter 4

2/3 Random stage
3/5 finals
4/7 grand finals.

3/5 rounds for T5DR, 2/3 rounds for SF4

-I know most people on this site don’t know me, but I throw good tournaments, ask anyone in the Tekken community in New York.

bump :china:

Lets get this thing hype…

I’m totally down.
hype hype hype

glad to hear it guys!

i would vouch for u but ur buddy ofdp wont gimme them evo vids so i gotta lump u guys together >_<

How many are you expecting from cuse at this thing.

haha sorry bobino…

probably 10-15.

its short notice, and its the start of something regular. so it should only get better from here.

yep too short of notice…

mark its tomosan, you gonna go to ECT the weekend after?

yep, this is a prep tourney.

360 or PS3? Are there casuals beforehand?