Upstate SC: The Land Before Time


what old people?

Hey, that’s what the people wanted. I don’t count cause I’m not there anymore ;p

It fits. I’m old. Ted, you are old…er. If kyah still lived here it would be called
UpstateSC: Extremely old guy who can run a bracket and the not so young guys who post here. Idk:looney:

EXTREMELY old? You aren’t so far behind there, slappy.

Why are you never online playing Magic anymore? You still need to get that achievement from me :wink:

Hell only the old people are posting in this new form? Weird? Including me. Sad

Just havent been on lately. With all this free time, I burnt myself out. Give me a few days and I’ll be ready to give you a loss(Hopefully). You beat the hell out of me last time. The one time I might have beat you b/c you kept a bad hand, my 360 froze up. = (

man i was really hoping our new sign would say upstate sc:where we make moms take it in the bum for their kids X box 360,but the new one works too =)

I’m kinda young. Am I allowed to post here, sirs?


Next question.

I would nominate Kyah for the next Cannon award but he left Anderson and no one throws tournaments at Mexican restaurants anymore…

anything going on in the rockhill/fortmill are???

speaking of tournaments I almost have a venue lined up but the owner wants something a little different. Instead of doing a door fee he wants to take 25% of the entrance fees.
Example: $10 to enter SF4(7.50 goes in the pot $2.50 goes to the house.)

Would you guys be ok with that?

Sounds like a possibility, where’s the location?

With the somewhat limited number of entries it would probably work in the players best interest anyway.

When’s your next SC tour, good sir?
I sure do miss your quips and majestic beard! :lovin:

Have you guys been playing SF4 & BlazBlue lately?
I have internet (obviously) and I need someone to play with. :wgrin:

Thanksgiving. Are you back in SC?

Ted: thanks for the nomination! The mexican restaraunts out here suck for game tournaments :lol:

Quantium X in Simpsonville is pelimanary. I am still discussing the details with him.

but did Quantium x have all wireless set ups? I do like the fact that he has many rooms there. That place does have a really nice dark atmosphere also.

Quantium has tables where they are not wireless and that is what we would use. But I am also thinking of talking to the restuants around to see if we can hold one there.

In the meantime I have a SF4 tournament on Aug 15th at Darkside Games in Greenville on Pelham Rd. I had spoken to the owner about helping me find a venue and he said he wanted to run it there. The place is not big enough to hold a bunch of different games but Sf4 can be held there nicely. The owner had 3 setups that he will be bringing CRTs for and 3 xbox 360’s.

The cost will be $10 with 75% going to a pot to be devided 70/20/10 between the top 3.
Double Elim, Standard Rules, Registration is at 12pm tourney starts at 1pm.

I will try to list it tonight.

old ppl.