Upstate SC Tournament: Labor Day Smash Results

Super Street Fighter IV
1st place - Byron
2nd place - Druseph
3rd place - Tak

BlazBlue: CS
1st place - DeadlyDolphin
2nd place - Kiyo
3rd place - SimpleKiss

SFIII: Third Strike
1st place - Kevin Hutchins
2nd place - Michael Clark
3rd place - Trey Williamson

SFII: HD Remix
1st place - UncleBuck
2nd place - Kiyo
3rd place - Fildoh

Thanks for coming Guys :wgrin: Thanks UncleBuck, DeadlyDolphin, and Coos for helping with running brackets… Thanks to Liz for safely guarding everyones money lol. Thanks Fildoh and Buck for doing 70/20/10 for me… it has been far too long to remember how to do that school shizz…T_T. Thanks to the guys bringing there systems, Fierce Punch lol and Someone else sorry I can’t remember ur names. Thanks to GameStop for coming through. Thanks to DrFunk and Jordan for helping with the equipment and cleaning up. I hope you guys enjoyed. Maybe we can do this again sometime. :tup:

thanks alot stowe for running this, it was a lot of fun.
Good shit to cola and augusta for driving up. good job bryon for getting the win, enjoy the juri statue(i am sure you will)
good shit druseph, loved the spirt finger slide. i think it might be time to get a new glove. Tak nice job coming in 3rd.
HDR rocks need to start playing again, glad to hear sc2 might get a revival.
blazblue is by far the longest game ever, i think the whole hdr tournament was over before one blazblue combo.
overall glad to see everyone again and cant wait until the next one, i plan to do another gvegas in october, hope to see you guys there.

gg’s to everyone i played…had a lot of fun. what were the full top 8 results?

Glad to see tournaments in Anderson again. GG’s to top three in all games. Wish I could have stayed (and played). Maybe next time…

Ggs to everyone I played except Bye. He was being an ass about letting me win. I vote we don’t alow him in anymore tournies b/c he is a sore loser and ragequits on Xbox live also.

Yea wish I knew. I looked at the brackets and cringed my teeth. I need someoone with more experience with that.

I really appreciate you hosting a tournament for BBCS, JQ. I had a lot of fun and got to go against some good players. Let’s keep BBCS alive in the Southeast!!

no problem, it was a good learning experience.

no problem, it was a good learning experience.