Upstate SC: We're so good we don't even have to PLAY. And out-of-towners post FOR us


Will, man i moved 5 years ago. lol. let’s play online. psn: my_partna_dem

hey somebody link me to the facebook group. i know there has to be one.


Been really wanting to play smash with some people


Dez moved?! WHAT! You have a PS3/4? add me back: wrblack
Just got ULTRA so hrm… who wants to play?


Damn, didn’t expect an upstate thread here. Ultra’s supposed to be here right now, UPS is being slow. Last on their list and you call this an upscale neigborhood!?!?


anyone excited for street fighter v? i’ll check back in a year for response. brings a tear to my eye to see something so awesome just die. miss u guys.


Keeping this thread alive I see. Man… I remember… nah… better not say anything lol. John Stowe, I’m liking the direction SFV is heading. Just hope a certain few characters make it in there.


Dang, it is dead.


Geez. Hitting the thread up to see if anything is going on in Myrtle Beach. Coming from NYC and wanted to see if I could meet some FGC brethren. If there’s a pulse here, hit me up. Thanks. :slight_smile:


People are still bumping this thread? WOW


I miss this thread.


Hey guys! I just started to play fighting games. I’m new!.. lol anyways. Whenever one of you guys actually show back up in this thread again. I make videos these days. I just try to have fun. Thats about my extent right now.
Here is my new video I just uploaded… but when one of you see it. It will probably months or even a year old. So there should be several more when you actaully see this one lmao.




This is what I miss about running tournaments!!!

New tournament in SFV coming soon!


ill be there Ted. just name a time.


Sat April 2nd at GameSwitch in Toccoa, GA.
Street Fighter V tournament


Dang… how I fell off the horse.
Fellas, add me on PSN: wrblack
I can’t go out as much cause school. FWIW I’m 30 mins from the Anderson area.
Kyah, Ted, Phil, everyone, if you also have xbone, add me: zombie zero one.
I’m feeling like getting back into fighting games.




You guys still play… games and stuff? :o


It’s been fun guys.
I’d like to thank everyone that was in the upstate that made all the past tournaments and get togethers possible.
I would like to extend a multitude of thanks to:
Jae P.
Anderson Crew (Stowe/Shelby/Chris/Ted/Jordan/Phil/more I’m missing but haven’t forgotten)
Team Bum (Lester and his GG/ST crew)
Everyone that’s in the upstate that doesn’t even post (TheJanitor/Dez/etc.)


Almost 20 years on this site. This place is very important to me. I hate to see it go but we’re all getting old and I guess srk is as well