Upward Aegis

Ok, I saw on some japanese video of…

shoulder -> upward aegis -> s. strong -> shoulder -> upward aegis -> s. strong -> shoulder

I cant seem to get the s. storng to connect. what am I doing wrong? do you have to do it really fast or can it only be done on arcade?

if this has already been discussed, just post me a link, i couldnt find anything.

it’s possible on the dreamcast. Kind of hard to do though. Try a crouching jab -> short tackle.

shoulder -> upward aegis -> s.jab -> s. strong -> shoulder -> upward aegis -> s.jab -> s. strong -> shoulder

What your trying to do is quite hard and i am not to sure how this can work in a chained combo because although st.strong has range to connect after an upward aegis, it may be the strength of the previous tackle that is not giving you enough range to continue after the aegis. But I can give you some other helpful tips:

Crouching jab–> short tackle should do the trick (again you MUST be in range), but if your sending aegis upwards you can always dash and throw whether the previous tackle was a connection or block stun.

If blocked after the tackle–> ex aegis, chances are your opponent will stay standing rather than crouching to avoid an overhead, so in this situation its best to go for c.short then s.fierce cause with the obstruction of the aegis, the two ‘tap’ moves can be comboed in.

Apologies if I have said this in a bit of a ‘hard to understand’ or complicated way, but I am sort of in a rush and i gotta go. :stuck_out_tongue: