Urahara Av request

I’m looking for someone to make a Premium av of one of these pics:



I just want my name on it and for the Av to look shiny and pretty:lovin:
Thank you for your time and work.

I’m not promising anything fantastic, but i’ll take a stab at it yo.

Yo man, sorry it’s taking a little longer than usual. Family shizz came up, i’ll get to work on it later on tonight yo. =]:woot:

If you dont have time, I will be glad to take this off your hands. only if you want too though.

lol, you can do one if you want man. he can take whichever one he likes. I’m having trouble… well a lot of trouble with mine right now.


Sorry it looks like dookie yo.

This looks really great, no point in making another one dude, It looks amazing.

The Av is dope yo! Thanks so much.

Lol, thanks Muffin, and thanks for using the av Vizard =]:woot: