Urban Dictionary aka Ask a Black Dude


Aight… so piggybacking off of goodmourning’s thread of ask a white guy thread…

Basically, I don’t know if black people have any secrets that white people are curious about… but I’m interested…

When is snitching okay?

Why don’t you take off your socks when doing porn?


I love black people. Cause I’m one of them.


lol laziness(oh no not a stereotype), and he probably wanted to start fucking asap…

Niggas wear tennis shoes alot, white people love flipflops and shit…

White people probably aren’t fucking with socks on because they don’t wear them…


I don’t really know the answer to that.


I watched this video posted in the lounge yesterday and they used a word/term I did not understand. Booshy girl? Maybe Boochie girl? Anyhow, what does that shit mean.

p.s. Im not black. Im not white either. This stuff bewilders me.


Why weren’t you guys nice Angels before God turned you into mortals, as dictated by my great mormon church?

Is fried chicken really the ultimate food for you guys? Or is it a front to confuse the white man?




Booshy means stuck up… basically people that act like they have alot but don’t really have shit…

Probably comes from this word…
It’s too bad that black folks stay mispronouncing shit…


[]Who doesn’t like fried chicken? Hmmmmm?
]We’re almost as experimental with food as other races - as long as we recognize the meat. And it had better have meat.


Fried chicken feeds alot of people for a low price… if you got a family to feed, you eat at a chicken place…

And come on son, you hatin’ on chicken?

Also stuff in bold… what?

EDIT: Wasn’t there some shit on the news where KFC ran out of chicken, and niggas was talking about ‘I got children to feed’…


better traction,

we also prone to tennis shoes such as new balance or nike’s…

different dialects, mostly southern languages but every race has thier own lingo though


Why do you guys say “aks” instead of ask?


Im just asking because it’s synonimus with black culture. Chicken is great, but as bulldance said about KFC running out of chicken, IIRC it was only black people on that train.


Niggas copulate in socks cause that shit is maad comfortable yo.


Can you throw away fried chicken skin and still be black?


lol I don’t know a whole lot of people that do this…

Black people like to joke on each other for fun(when white people get involved sometimes it gets awkward), and I know that black people would clown the shit out of someone else for doing this…

“Axe bitch? What you need one of those for?”

If it’s one those hoodrats that take pride in ignorance, best believe she is getting clowned behind her back, unless she’s hanging with others like her…

No. RockB will be traded to the white folks…

Goodbye chicken and watermelons, hello Jack Johnson, Jack Daniels and all those things with Jack in it that white people like…


time management. aks is faster

gotta pronounce the K with ask

and fried chicken is the shit. move along


Technically yes.


Why ya’ll gotta start big ass group fights at 2am outside my window when I’m trying to watch pr0n? Shits disruptive.


Why do black people seem to like me so much?