Urban Rivals

ok imma joining this limey guild

and still deciding what group i should play?.. maybe ill spend 4 bucks on some credits and see which groups i get the most of

It doesn’t matter which clan you get, because you’ll be able to buy and sell them freely. Just hope for rare cards.

The guild has like 6 members, keep being awesome.

well i do want to concentrate on 1 clan, i am looking towards a mono-deck
if i buy the fulldeck, ill get 8 of the same clan, correct?

No, you get 8 cards that can come from any clan.


oh ya i read it wrong
ahh well, ill do it when i get a chance

its still cheaper than seeing a movie

It is worth buying the cheapest amount of credits just for the fact that it allows you to sell cards on the market.


ya i think ill do that
i also have 4 montanas already… so i think im gonna use them
i like some of their dudes


Montanas are pretty good. You can sell them all and buy whoever once you get some credits, so don’t feel like you have to stick with them.

Some of the characters made me laugh, like the uppers Tony Stark rip off.

Make sure to join the guild everyone.

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Urban Rivals - The Guilds: Shoryuken

so im gonna pick up the 10k clintz, now who to buy…
im thinking, edd, don, fabio and some others…

I’m SpiralSentinel. So how do we determine how many hits the opponent is gonna take after we take down their dude? I won 3 out of 4 battles but still lost by like 6 life.

the characters damage, does that damage to you after he has beaten your character

Oh that red shit? I thought that was defense or something lol.

“So where are these free offers?”

When you are logged in, the lower left you’ll see “Earn Free Credits”. Either that or you can pay a small amount for credits. Start with anywhere from 2-4 of the 50 credit packs and you’ll be in good shape.l

If you have the money, you should definitely pick up Mona. I think she is the best 3 star in Montana. Her ability and Montana bonus will cripple anything that doesnt have stop ability/bonus.

I know its not much but I can’t bring myself to paying money for a free game.

ya i know how you feel
but i waste money on dumber shit… so id rather pay 5-10 bucks on this than fast food haha

so here is what i bought with 7 bucks and 2700clintz to spare

what do you guys think is a good 8 man team with that? thanks

Alexei, Asporov, Robb, Randy, Kang, Hugo, Jessie, and then try to buy an Amelia to round it out.


ok i bought an amelia (hella cheap, 150)
ill try out the team tomorrow, time to head to bed

Sent my request to join the guild.

Random question. Do you get the same character when start? Or is it a random set of guys for each new player?

I’ve been winning thx. Sometimes I give up my first card to see if they’ll waste their pills. What ever my good cards is I’ll use it depending on the best match up. I’m sure I’m just trashing noobs for now til I get to play versus the actual players of the game. I like this dumb witch that gives me life when I hit them.

Urban Rivals - Characters - Skeelz: Caelus

Got this guy out of a pack. Pretty lucky.