URGENT: Call to Tournament Organizers

Hello all tournament organizers.

EVO has the potential opportunity with to run a series Soul Calibur 3 tournaments across the world. In order to do this, we would like to piggy-back a PS2 SC3 tournament on top of existing quality tournaments run by all of you. EVO would provide some financial sponsorship and perks in exchange for running the the tournament at your event.

We are looking for tournament organizers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico, South America, and Japan. If you are an experienced tournament organizer who has a scheduled event in MAY or JUNE, or if you could put together such an event, please respond to this thread with the following information:

Tournament name:
Tournament location:
Tournament dates:
Current game roster:
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know):
Link to tournament info:


Tournament name: C3- Memorial Day Madness(technical ECC replacement)

Tournament location: Ashburn, VA

Tournament dates: the tournament is confirmed for May 24-25

Current game roster:

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (PS2)
Marvel v. Capcom 2 (DC)
Capcom v. SNK 2 (PS2)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (DC)
Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS2)
Tekken 5: DR (PS3)
Virtua Fighter 5 (X360)

and more

Estimated attendance: we’re expecting at least 100 unique individuals

Link to tournament info: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=152527

we’d be more than willing to host this event at C3. once we confirm our June date I’m sure we could arrange something for that as well.

Tournament name: Midwest Championships
Tournament location: Northbrook, IL (Chicago suburb)
Tournament dates: June 20-22, 2008
Current game roster: CVS2, 3s, A3, ST, MVC2, SSBM, T5DR, SFEX3, GGAC, and who knows what else…
Estimated attendance: 250-300
Link to tournament info: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=149857

I could ALSO probably get one together out near Tennessee since there is a large contingency of Soul Calibur players out here, and INdustryTN is running a big tourney in Memphis in April.

Tournament name: Kumite in Tennessee: Revival
Tournament location: Nashville, TN
Tournament dates: July 12, 2008
Current game roster: T5DR, TTT, GGAC, SSBM, Soul Calibur 4 (pending release)
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): 50ish
Link to tournament info: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=107204

Tournament name: Baselan 15
Tournament location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Tournament dates: May 16-18
Current game roster: On the console side, 3s, Brawl, Halo 3, Guitar hero 3
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): 150-200 people. Its a PC lan with console tournaments
Link to tournament info: [http://www.allyourbaseonline.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=4](Link to tournament info: http://www.allyourbaseonline.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=4)

Tournament Name: Impact Clash
Location: Atlanta, GA
Tournament Date: June 28th, 2008
Current Game Roster: Super Street Fighter Turbo, Alpha 3, Soul Calibur III, Tekken 5: DR, Marvel, Vs. Capcom, Guilty Gear X2, Virtua Fighter 5, Dead or Alive 4, Capcom vs SNK 2, Super Street Fighter II.
Estimate Attendence: 50-100 People.


Neoempire in the UK could definitely do something, but i am unsure what event we could fit it in, I’ll post back later.

My schedule is already really tight. I got 9 tournaments running in 1 day. This definitely catches my attention though and would love to help out. I’ll post back later when I get some more info from my side. (what sucks is that the tags I got designed already don’t have any SC characters on them and cannot go back to get the design redone, along with this flyers are posted everywhere with no SC logo on it, I hope that doesn’t offend on SC players)

Do we need any requirements for this? Games already in hand/Spare setups/Strong SC community in the area cause I can say right now that I don’t got any copies of the game.


Tournament Name: The Most Powerful Shinobi
Tournament Location: Racine, WI
Tournament Date: May 31st, 2008
Current Game Roster: SSBB, Tekken DR, SC3 (Possibly Naruto A2 and SC2)
Estimated Attendance: 30 - 50 between all games (maybe less)
Links To Tournament Info:


Tournament name: SDT Annual Gaming Room - Comic-Con International 2008 (SDCC)
Tournament location: San Diego
Tournament dates: July 25-26, 2008
Current game roster: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and others TBA
Estimated attendance : 200 +
Link to tournament info: This is a free event ran by us every year at SDCC. More information as we are trying to finalize the information with Comic-Con staff.

Might not be a bad idea to re-post this in the regional World folder - couldn’t hurt. Just a friendly suggestion. Hope it all works out…

Hi there,

Maybe a bit late but, I’m responsible for the organization of Stunfest in France (May 10-11).

Stunfest is possibly the biggest tournement in France : 1300 m venue, 40+ TVs and PS2/X360 for fighting game tournaments, arcade cabs…

Last year, 300+ players only for fighting games tournaments, + people for the other games.

4th edition, this year people from all across europe come (sueden, greece, germany, belgium, etc… a few japanese player and maybe corean…)

A solo soulcalibur tournament is already planned, there seems to be no problem for it to become “what you need”.

All you need to know is there :

Tournament name: STUNFEST
Tournament location: Rennes, France (north west, 2 hours from Paris by train)
Tournament dates: May, 10-11
Current game roster: SF3.S, SSF2T, Soulcalibur 3, DOA 4, VF 5, CVS 2, HNK, Breakers, SSBB, GGAC
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): minimum 300 for fighting games, much more for the whole event (about 1000 people)
Link to tournament info: http://stunfest.3hitcombo.fr

Yo, this is DancingFighterG:

Tournament name: NVGA SuperCon Championships
Tournament location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tournament dates: May 22-25 2008

Current game roster:

Smash Bros. Brawl - Teams
HALO 3 (2 v 2)
Eye of Judgement
Soul Calibur 3
Dead or Alive 4
Capcom vs SNK 2
Smash Bros. Brawl - Singles
Tekken: DR
Guitar Hero 3
Guilty Gear Accent Core
HALO 3 (4 v 4)
Virtua Fighter 5
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Rock Band
Call of Duty 4 (2 v 2)

Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): 700+
Link to tournament info: www.nvgasupercon.com

edit- question answered thanks.


Tournament name: West Toast XII
Tournament location: Family Fun Arcade, Granada Hills, CA
Tournament dates: May 17th-18th
Current game roster: Melty Blood, GGXX Accent Core, Twinkle Star Sprites
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): 60-80
Link to tournament info: http://www.meltybread.com/forums/index.php?topic=1341.0

CyGamZ Brawl Singles 6/28/08

Tournament name: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Singles
Tournament location: CyGamZ, Ann Arbor MI, USA
Tournament dates: 6/28/08
Link to tournament info: http://www.cygamz.com/events/signup.asp?tournamentid=160

Sounds nice. Keep us up to date on this one Mark. Post in the San Diego Thread :tup:

All details will be finalised in the coming weeks., but thought we would post to let you know.

Tournament name: Legends
Tournament location: Birmingham, United Kingdom UK
Tournament dates: JUNE (exact TBA)
Current game roster: Tekken5, Soul Calibur 3, DOA 4, Virtua Fighter 5
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): 50-150
Link to tournament info: website link (updating)

Oklahoma chiming in

Tournament name: Tulsa - TnT & Joe Momma’s $200+ SSBB Tourny - 6/14/08
Tournament location: Tulsa, OK
Tournament dates: 6-14
Current game roster: SSBB
Estimated attendance : Previous non-cash prize events have had 30 to 60ish, so that is a safe base number. More if I add SC
Link to tournament info: http://www.okgamers.com/forums/index.php?topic=1311.0

Similar event planned for July.

Both later - but thought I’d throw them in.

Tournament name: Tulsa - Tokyo in Tulsa (console/lan/table-top) - August 1-3rd, 2008
Tournament location: Tulsa, OK
Tournament dates: August 1-3rd
Current game roster: Music - Guitar Hero, Rock Band, FPS’s Halo 2, 3 (CoD, Gears area), Fighters - SSBB, SC4 (assuming it’s out), GGXX, SF4 if available - etc, computer games, tabletop / etc
Estimated attendance: This is a 3 day anime convention with +3k showing, so hundreds expected in tournament entries
Link to tournament info: http://www.okgamers.com/forums/index.php?topic=1301.0

Tournament name: Tulsa - Defcon 7 / Minicon 7 (table-top/console/lan/larp) - August 1-3rd, 2008
Tournament location: Tulsa, OK
Tournament dates: August 1-3rd
Current game roster: Music - Guitar Hero, FPS’s (Halo, CoD, Gears area), Fighters - SSBB, SC4 (assuming it’s out), GGXX, Naruto GN4/current, SF4 if available, etc; computer games, tabletop / etc
Estimated attendance: This is a comic, sci-fi, and anime 3 day convention with an estimated +4k showing, so hundreds expected in tournament entries (prev. 1 day events have had 300+ in tournament attendance)
Link to tournament info: http://www.okgamers.com/forums/index.php?topic=1300.0


We can help too

Hi. I know I’m responding late, but I haven’t been on in a while. We are having a tournament too on may 31st.

Tournament name: K.O. Tournament
Tournament location: U.S. ( Gamebreakers in Davie, Florida )
Tournament dates: May 31st
Current game roster: Smash Brothers Brawl, Street fighter 3rd strike
Estimated attendance (be honest, there is no minimum, we just want to know): 30+
Link to tournament info: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=5129501#post5129501

Please let us know if we can be of any help.